Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Am No Longer Hanging Around While Someone Smokes

Last night a few friends went out as a small going away for a friend. A few friends smoke, I am dead set against it. But I think to each their own, don't blow your smoke my way and we are fine. My friends are very respectful of that. But last night at a restaurant, we were sitting out back where they allow smoking. Even though we were OUTSIDE all I could smell was cigarette smoke because so many people were smoking. DISGUSTING!

In spite of all the cigarette smoke around us, I had a nice time, Had to wash my freshly washed hair again though. Not cool! 
When I got home I decided to check and see what the effects of second hand smoke are. What an eye opener! It is almost just as bad to be subjected to second hand smoke as it to smoke! Even if my friends or fellow restaurant patrons are not blowing the smoke around me, the carcinogens are still reaching me and filling my lungs! Essentially if you can smell it, you are breathing it! Did you know that? And did you know it is worse because what you are breathing is unfiltered, compared to what the smoker is breathing? Yuppers!

The same effects a smoker will have on their skin and face, I will have, although to a lesser degree. Thanks but no thanks, I work to hard to keep my skin nice to ruin it with that!

But seriously, that is just a light hearted side effect. Let me shatter the glass for the rest of you!

Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 different chemical compounds, 50 of which are known cancer causers.

Non smokers who are exposed to second hand smoke on a regular basis are 20 - 30% more likely to develop lung cancer. (Case in point - Juan's grandmother was a smoker, Juan's grandfather died of lung cancer.)

Non smokers increase their risk of heart disease by 25 - 30% when exposed to second hand smoke.

Second hand smoke is attributed to 50,000 deaths each year!

Second hand smoke increases your risk of migraine headaches!

Children of smokers are more likely to suffer from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). They are also more at risk for respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia, asthma and asthma attacks, ear infections and chronic cough.

Did you know that studies are now showing that second hand smoke could be linked to breast cancer? Scary!

These are serious side effects from hanging out with smokers! I always thought to each their own, but no more. My good friend and neighbor is a smoker, we hang out a few nights a week, always outside and she is always smoking. No more. If she wants to hang outside with me, it's fine, but I will have to walk away when she is smoking. She is considerate to not smoke in my direction and if my kids are there, she will actually walk away, but within view and smoke, so my kids aren't exposed. Come to think of it, when she does that, I don't smell a thing, she walks that far away! If I asked her to do that though, we would always just be there looking at each other or talking so the loud the rest of the neighborhood can hear! Doesn't sound like much fun. I am not going to stop her from smoking, that is her business, but I am going to eliminate myself from the situation. I have decided after last night, that it just isn't good for me or my body. I need to be around a long time, and the exposure is just not worth it to me. I'll just ask her to text me when she is done and I will come back. Might be a small inconvenience for me, but so worth it if you ask me.

 I know Juan likes the seedy bars and the outdoor restaurants, so I can't really 100% eliminate my risk to second hand smoke, but I pray that Florida wakes up and bans smoking in public places. In the meantime, since we don't go to those places all that often, I guess I will just deal until FL gets their act together.

I know many of you may be smokers, and I plead for you to quit. But having lived with Juan when he was a smoker and being constantly on him, and forcing him to quit and living with him while he tried. I know it is not that easy. Fortunately for me it only took about 4 years for Juan to get it and quit smoking. I love that he doesn't smell like smoke anymore! Unfortunately for me, whenever we hang out with smokers he smokes a cigar and there are a lot of smokers here in FL. Grrr! I need to find a way to get him to quit that now! But for those of you who smoke, think about what it is doing to your body and those around you. Maybe, just maybe this is the push you need to quit. Don't worry I won't mind if you're bitchy for a little while, while you quit. I made it through with Juan, I can make it through with you too! :)

So take what you will from my little PSA here, but it just really got to me last night for some reason and I am over it! Before I step off my little soap box, let me leave you with some of the sites I got this info from:

Stepping off my smoke box, um I mean soap box now! Have a great, fresh air filled Sunday everyone!


  1. I quit smoking in 2010, I am one year and 5 months!

  2. We will not frequent a bar or restaurant that is all's that simple. If there is a non-smoking area, fine, but not otherwise.

    There is also a study about 3rd hand smoke....what is left on your clothes/hair AFTER being in a smoking environment... babies can still be affected with this!!!!!


  3. I finally quit smoking after 15 years! I got one of those electronic cigarettes about 6 months ago, and am in the process of quitting that, so that I won't be on nicotine anymore. It helps a lot that here in WA there's no smoking in public places - but I agreed with that even when I was smoking - I refused to smoke in restaurants or bars (I would go outside to smoke at the bars).

  4. Ugh. I'm around smoking a lot. People like to smoke on the deck of the yacht club and when the doors are open it all blows inside. It makes the whole place stink. I think they finally made a rule they aren't allowed to smoke out there but if so, a lot of people break it.

  5. My boyfriend quit 6 months ago, so I hope he never, ever starts again!

  6. It's crazy how second hand smoke can be worse the the actual act of smoking! I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and don't intend on ever trying :)

    Here in toronto it's not that bad, smoking indoors is banned, not sure about patios at restaurants though. whenever I go to another country for vacation ( Mexico, Dominican Republic) EVERYONE is smoking everywhere, it sucks :(

  7. My dad smoked when he was young and right up until the year after I left for college.

    I've always and still do have breathing problems. :o(
    When my husband and I go out for a run, I get winded extremely quickly so I have to take it easier then he does.