Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If You Were A Super Hero...

What would be your power? The Fall collection isn't even out yet and already I have the Winter collection in the works! The collection doesn't have an official name yet, but it is tentatively Super Powers. I always envision Time Travelers to travel through a murky black haze and hence the name for this one.

When I wanted this black grey for the Fall and it got edged out for everyone's desire for Awakening, this one got put as the basic for the Winter collection. I LOVE this color! I can't quite pull off black. It just seems a little too teenager for me. I remember being a teenager wearing black polish because it was such a "dangerous" color. You know the color you weren't allowed to wear because only hoodlums wear...

Anyway, since I can't quite wear black without feeling like an old lady trying too hard, I decided on an almost black instead. The next question was to shimmer or not to shimmer. I temporarily ruled out the shimmer, since I have an idea for that one for later. So this is a nice rich creme. I have been wearing it all week and don't want to take it off!

Wanna see?
It is so pretty! I LOVE this one! Ironically I think this is perfect for the summer. I really don't want to take it off! I have been wearing it for three days by the time I took this picture, so excuse the manicure and tip wear. And for those of you noticed that this was already in the Cult Nails bottle, that's because I ordered Awakening and Time Traveler together and already have this one. I'm just waiting on Hypnotize Me and Enigmatic to get here for the Fall collection. As for the winter collection, the lab is hard at work on two colors for me. Fingers crossed they can make those happen. I sent my mixes in and I am just waiting to see if they can duplicate them. Can't wait to see what they come up with!

ANYWAY...if your thinking it looks just like black, I beg to differ. So just to prove you wrong here it is with a pure black polish on the middle and pinky fingers. Now you can see that it gives you the look of a black, while softening the look. Again this is a pretty basic color, and each collection will have a basic, but I for one love basics as much as I love the more unique stuff, and did I mention I am LOVING this one right now?

So there you have it, Time Traveler! What do you think? Do you wear black polishes? The names of the other polishes if they come out as planned are: Mind Control, Truth Serum and um, oh crap I forgot the other name! Darn it! I need to find a way to travel back in time so I can remember! I hope Juan remembers cause it was awesome! LOL! Care to take a guess as to what Mind Control and Truth Serum might look like?


  1. I'd def. want to be able to talk to animals that would be the best super power to me!

  2. I like Time Traveler, yes, indeed!

    Actually, I wanted this super power back when I first started driving. I wanted to have the power to make the gas pump dollars slow down while the amount of gas would rack up faster. Weird, I know. But you have to admit, it would be a cool power to have! Save money at the pump = more money to buy Cult Nails!! ;)

  3. I'm liking it! Is it a one coater? Is it a jelly? It just might be the right shade of black for my skintone :)

  4. I'd call this a really dark grey. It's a great color. I'm guessing Truth Serum is a dark green & Mind Control is a dark, dark orange.

  5. I love this! Very pretty. As much as I love pastels and brights; a good dark polish is awesome!

  6. I'm thinking Truth Serum is a pink and Mind Control is a grey.

  7. I'd call this one a dark grey or soft black too. It's pretty.

    I don't know what Mind Control will look like, but I hope it's as beautiful as it sounds. :)

    My super power would be either invisibility or super speed. They'd both be advantageous.

  8. I love this dark color!!
    About super powers, I'd say mind reading but also invisibility and, why not, telekinesis (when I was younger I use to watch Charmed and I adored it)!
    Mind control: blue?
    Truth serum makes me think of yellow :-)

  9. Hmm... Maybe Truth Serum is a pale, shimmering color and Mind Control is a deep cobalt glitter? Love the names, theme, and Time Traveler! If there were a quick-dry top coat in this collection you could call it Super Speed :P As for super powers? My power of choice would be either healing or mind control/telepathy.

  10. Wow, such a great color! I can't wait! I'm wearing a dark gray with shimmer right now, but would love to have a shimmer-less dark gray.

  11. If I could have any super power, I'd like to teleport OR be able to snap my fingers and clean the room like Mary Poppins.

  12. Love it!!! Your collections have been consistently fantastic. My favorite new line. :)

    Also love the super heroes theme!! Might I suggest: Invisibility, or maybe invisible jet, power up, x ray vision, defying gravity (I like it, though it has a dual meaning of course with Wicked :)) and telekenetic.