Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blogger Review Packet info

It's official the Hypnotic Collection Pre-sale begins tomorrow!!! Wahoo! I am getting so excited! I am actually going to receive some of the collection early next week since it is already ready. Unfortunately the rest is still in production and I will be receiving it in batches over the next several weeks. This time around we are offering pre-sale for the entire collection only. The collection will be all four for $30. So that is 25% off or 1 free, whichever way you like to look at it. It will be the only time the collection will be this low in cost. While the 4th of July sale was great, I don't foresee doing another huge sale like that. We are going to reserve the big sales for pre-sales from now on and then we may offer smaller sales after that point. Well I shouldn't say that, I do want to offer a good sale over Holiday weekends, but they may not be this good. I keep going back and forth on that one!

We are trying something a little different with blogger packs this time around. We had 8 blogger packs available and we selected 4 bloggers who had reviewed us in the past and 4 new bloggers which are all International. We selected 3 of the 4 bloggers, because they are my blogger idols, the ones who got me into the whole blogging thing to begin with and the fourth because I love blog and pictures and she has agreed to let me use her pictures on my site! WAHOO! It was such a hard choice because we sent packages to so many other bloggers last time and they did such an amazing job, but because I am going to CosmoProf I want to be able to give the bloggers attending some polish, it leaves less that I can send out.

Unfortunately I won't have enough polish to give each CosmoProf blogger the full collection, but they will be able to at least get one or two of the colors. My goal is to be able to switch who we send out each collection with a few mainstays each time. So many blogs, so little free polish! We added 4 International bloggers because they seem to never get any of the review stuff and they do a great job, so I wanted to spread some of that review packs around. Who knew selecting bloggers for review would be so difficult! I get at least 3-4 blogger requests a day. I TRY to respond to all of them, but I do check out all the blogs and keep a list that I check out when making my decisions.

It was hard to not decide to not send packs to some who have done reviews for me that I think should keep getting packs, but unfortunately I just don't have the packs to give this time around. :( I set aside 15 blogger packs. 1 for the winner of the Facebook Likes, 8 for reviewers, and 6 for CosmoProf. I can't afford more than this.

I keep getting asked how I select which blogs. As for how I make my decisions, here are some of the things I look for. I look at the quality of the pictures and the nails in the picture. I look at how clean the nails are painted or swatched. I look at the overall blog page design and writing style. I look at how often you blog and the comments you receive. Then I look at followers if you have GFC. But the number of followers doesn't have to be high, sometimes I develop an emotional attachment to the blog and find a new one I love, and that means a lot to me too! I have now learned to ask for statistical information on the blogs as well. How many unique visitors does the blog get in a day, week or month. This is a business, so maximum exposure is good. But again, it isn't the only thing I look for and sometimes it doesn't mean anything at all. If I like the blog, and they have 4 followers, I may still send some polish. Unfortunately if you email me now, we have already made our selections for this collection though. But I thought I would include it here.

Anyway, I was going to include the press release here, but I clogged this post with rambling, so I will post it separately. :)


  1. Uh I cant wait! I am so going to get these :D And I cant wait for swatches either <3 The colors look so interesting!

  2. I can't wait for swatches and kudos for picking blogs based on quality of swatches primarily. Too many brands are lax in this department unfortunately.

  3. Great post and I think you should not have to explain ow you choose bloggers, but it's nice to know you have a process and you give all bloggers an option. I'm ordering this set for sure!

  4. I'm definitely pre-ordering tomorrow, I can't wait to see which bloggers will have swatches of the new polishes!

  5. Woohoo I'm so happy for you. :) I can't wait to see pictures of swatches and reviews. :) Always fun to read! And it's really nice that you're going to send them also for international readers. ♥

  6. You have been so transparent throughout this business venture. I only found out about your polishes a few months ago, but I am hooked and looking forward to placing my order tomorrow!