Monday, July 18, 2011

My Turn For A Haircut!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I hadn't had a professional cut or color in almost 3 years, when in April I decided it was time to go to a professional. I had her trim my hair since I was a bit nervous about finding a new hairstylist and for the fact that I would have to admit that I had been doing it myself for the last few years.

When I went in she gave me some tips for cutting it at home since I told I wasn't sure if I was ready to go back to a stylist, but I wanted to give it a shot. See what happened was I had a great stylist when we lived in VA, but when we moved here I was too scared to find someone new, and I realized I actually enjoyed styling my own hair, so I went for it. I also stopped having a problem with split ends which has plagued me for as long as I can remember. So I was worried. Needless to say, I think she over processed my hair during color, because after that cut I had dryness issues like crazy. I was starting to lighten my hair and I don't know if it was too light or what it was but my hair was not doing well at all!

I ended up chopping about 3 inches off my hair. Not happy! Well the hair grew back well almost, like it always does, and I went back to cutting it myself and as you know everyone Else's! LOL!
 Here's a little photo history of my hair.

At a FL blogger get together. My hair at the very beginning of the lightening stage. See how long my hair was?

After I had to cut over 3 inches off

Some of it grew back, but we're not there yet!

OK, so there is a little photo history for you. Now before we get into the new style. I have been struggling with what I wanted to do. I was thinking of just going back to dark and chopping it all off. In the end, I thought, no I will go just a tad lighter and give myself a trim and see what happens. Because heck if I don't learn from my own lessons! LOL! Needless to say it came out PERFECT! I love it, but it didn't happen without incidence. The last time I trimmed my hair, I asked Juan to trim the back for me and B (my 13 yr old) asked if she could do it. With Juan's direction she trimmed it perfectly. Can I tell you how excited Juan was to know that he would not have to trim the back of my hair for me! He hates doing it! He would rather me pay someone than trim it for me! Well this time around my trim of about an inch turned into another 3 inches off and Juan had to come fix it! But as Bob Ross would say, it turns out it was a happy little accident! I finished off the cut with some layers and I am LOVING it! Here it is:

Had to throw this one in, Juan looks so hot in this picture! What a cutie!

So what do you think? I am absolutely loving it and plan on keeping it this length for a while now. I think this suits me perfectly and I am loving the color too. It makes me look so refreshed! For those of you who want to know what color it is, I used L'oreal Superior Preference in UL61 Ultra Light Ash Brown for dark hair. I have used it twice now, the last time about 4 weeks ago and this time just on my roots except the last 5 minutes.

As for what's on my nails, that is the black/grey I wanted for the Fall collection. Everyone else seemed to want the teal that is Awakening, so you guys won that round! But look out for more pics of this later this week. You'll have wished I chose this one! LOL! No worries though, it is going to be part of the Winter collection! And ironically it seems to work perfectly in the summer! I think it's going to my new go to shade!


  1. This cut and color looks great on you. It really brightens up your complexion. :)

  2. I love the new cut and color, it looks fab! Well done.