Thursday, July 7, 2011

Outfit of the Day

How is everyone this fine Wednesday? First I want to thank everyone for the amazing comments for our upcoming collection! I am super excited to hear everyone's initial feedback. It made my day!

As for yesterday, I went MIA. I did not open work emails, Cult Nails emails, Twitter, Facebook, a blog, NOTHING! Well I did talk to someone from work yesterday for a while, but other than that - I unplugged and spent the day with my girls uninterrupted. We went up to Orlando for the start of some back to school shopping. Everyone had a budget to work with and a goal of what items needed to be purchased. I have to say it is so funny to watch my 3 daughters shop and how different they spend their money. The goal was three outfits and one pair of shoes or sneakers for less than $200 each. Talk about a challenge! I didn't think any of them would make it! I was surprised to see one daughter plop down $50 for a pair of shoes, while I tried not to cringe! But she conserved everywhere else and got her three outfits and a few other items, so all in all she did good. But $50 for a pair of shoes for an 11 yr old? Yeah I still feel weak when I think of it! We left the house at 10:30 yesterday morning and got back home at 11pm! I think we literally learned what it means to shop til you drop yesterday! LOL!

You may be thinking, summer just started, but school starts in August here, so we only have a month to go of summer break. I honestly don't know how people afford kids! I am amazed that we manage to do it year after year along with everything else. I have this idea that they should go back to school with at least a weeks worth of new outfits, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of sneakers, a new purse, new makeup for the one that wears it, a new haircut, a new backpack and all back to school items. I went to private school growing up, so maybe I am way off there. But I have to start early or we would never be able to afford it! Then because it is FL, it doesn't get cold until November, so October usually starts round two, where we grab jeans, sweatshirts and a pair of boots. I remember when they were in grades K - 2 and I could do all the back to school shopping for about $300 total! Man those were the days! But I have to say the best part of back to school shopping? I give myself a little budget and get some items too! :)

Do any of you have kids to shop for? What do you typically get? Are any of you still students? What do your parents get you? I would love to know if I am normal in this! Ha!

Anyway how about an outfit of the day. Are you over all the 4th of July stuff yet? I hope not, since that is my outfit!

I didn't get any great pics, since we were running behind schedule the entire day! This picture is from the end of the night. It was so hot out, I look bleh at this point! But the outfit was still holding out - well sort of. My sandals actually broke right after we took this picture! I got the top a few months back at Francesca's Collection (They don't have this shirt on their site, but they are having an extra 30% off clearance right now!) and the shorts at Dillard's. The sandals were some Steve Madden's I bought a few years ago. Now the hunt for a cute pair of nude espadrilles begins again! If you know if a cute pair, let me know!

Cotton candy anyone? Yummy! I am a cotton candy addict! I hit a fair and the first thing I go for is a bag of cotton candy! 

The manicure I ended up wearing on the 4th. Very simple blue with a holo top coat on the ring finger. I am hating my short nails right now! 

Well off to do some more work and clean the house and do some laundry. I have to make up for yesterday! 


  1. UGH I don't even want to think about back to school shopping yet. Down in South Florida the public schools have to wear uniforms so it is fairly easy to shop but pretty costly. We also have my bf's daughter to shop for and since she lives in North Fla she has no uniform. Luckily she is fairy easy right now to work with lol.

    I am loving that blue polish!

  2. Love your 4th outfit. Very pretty! Your short nails still look fab too <3

  3. Hey Maria!

    Wow- the girls did well with $200! The good thing is, you can steer them towards places like F21, H&M, Old Navy.....places where they can stretch a dollar. Sometimes I cringe at the quality in those places (though- sometimes they WILL pleasantly surprise you with some really decently made pieces!) but- for little girls who will grow out of it anyway in a few biggie.
    Do they share their clothes? Because that helps too- 3 new outfits- can be NINE new outfits lol- if they collaborate hahaha.

    So- I have a boy which you would think is a bit easier and less expensive- but he is 12 and is ALL about sneakers and OMG- they are SO expensive. He does like clothes, but he goes back and forth....sometimes he comes out of his room looking like a ragamuffin who got dressed in the dark with his eyes clothes.....and sometimes he comes out all GQ so far he isnt killing me on clothes... But I pray when we walk my sneaker stores in the mall that he wont ask to go in lol.

    Luckily for me- I wear the same camouflage monkey suit everyday so I dont HAVE to buy new clothes too often (I TRY not to) clothes sort of always seem new to me- when I actually get to wear them.

    Have a great weekend!
    Deborah Mandel (I couldnt figure out how to post so I clicked anonymous)