Sunday, July 3, 2011

Polish Creation Fun!

I've uploaded a bunch of pictures on my Cult Nails Facebook Fan Page of some polish creation fun! I can't post all the colors I have done on there as some we have to keep under wraps right now. Juan and I prescribe to two different schools of thought. I like to share what I come up with, he thinks I should never show it until a color is released. So the compromise is this. If the color doesn't make the cut, I can share it. If a color has made the cut, I can share it. If it is a color we are still working on, then it stays under wraps. He just doesn't know that is the compromise yet. He might try to stop me if he did! LOL!

So if you want to see some of what I have been working on like this,

then log onto the Cult Nails Facebook Fan Page and take a look around!

I also added all my random outfit of the days on there. I will be working on adding more on there in the coming weeks too. 

While you're there, I would love to hear your comments on the pics, so feel free to share!

Oh and if you have posted a review, or have taken a picture that you would like to share - feel free to post it on there too! 

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