Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sell Out!

I have good news and bad news! Unfortunately the good news is more for me than you. The good news is that we sold out of another color - Captivated! The bad news is - we sold out of Captivated! If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you already know this. I have been getting A LOT of people asking if it is coming back. No it is not, sorry but our original intention was to make the entire A Day at the Races Limited Edition. Well frankly all our colors are LE, but now we are rethinking this. But I made the decision to let Captivated go. :(

I can't believe my nails were this long! My goodness! I need to grow them back to this for Halloween! LOL!
Bye! Bye!
Now on to some other good/bad news. Let me Fly has less than 50 to go before it also sells out! I think we will reorder Let Me Fly, but it might be gone for a while. We are in the middle of finalizing the next collection that is going to release in August if everything goes well, so re-ordering will have to be put on hold for a while, so if you had your heart set on Let Me Fly, I suggest you get it while the getting is good!
Every time I see this color, I want to put it back on! Look at that shimmer! IThe color is a touch more blue in real life. I couldn't quite capture it!

 And for those of you who missed out on Cruisin' Nude, we should have it back in stock when we receive our next collection in August some time! WAHOO!

Our sale for the fourth of July weekend is going strong, so buy what you can for $7.40 a bottle - this weekend only! (sale good through Monday July 4, 2011)

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  1. But... but... no more Captivated? Ever? I was just about to order my bottle today and it was sold out. I think my heart is breaking, lol.