Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Glitter Me Up

I had this idea for a manicure this weekend and I actually never finished it. Well actually, the reason is because I wasn't happy with the first one. But I figured I would show them both to you here today.

The first one is a nameless purple that I have for the upcoming base and top coat release. I wanted a basic color to go with my "manicure kit". Most of the time when I see a manicure kit, it comes with french manicure colors or red polish. I wanted something that was basic but a twist on the normal classic. Here it looks like pure purple, but that's because I tool the picture with my phone camera. In real life it is a few shades darker than this. I put that color on all my nails and then I added a purple powderized glitter on the other fingers and a jewel accent on the index. I hated the accent I added, and came up with another design idea, which I thought I would just redo the index finger with the new design, but that didn't happen either. lol

Instead I decided that I would do the same manicure in pink. The glitter is purple, pink and gold glitter all mixed together. I put Devious Nature on all my nails and then added the glitter to all my fingers except my index finger. I really liked how it looked like this. Instead of glitter on an accent finger, I left one finger "undone" so to speak. This manicure garnered a lot of attention over the weekend. I may have to do this one more often. 

My friends really loved the glitter and want to see it as a future color for Cult Nails. I'll have to see where I can work it in. I wasn't thinking of adding this one in, but if my friends want it, I just may have to listen. After all I made Cruisin' Nude for a ladies cruise last year and my friends insisted I make it part of the line and it was one of the first colors to sell out.

Right now this is in a clear base, I wonder if I can put it in a jelly pink polish instead. Hmm, maybe I can make it a little better. Let's see what I can come up with.
What do you think, would you like to see either of these glitters make it as part of the line?


  1. I want BOTH of those glitters, particularly the pink one. I think personally I would prefer it in the clear base, as I would be tempted to layer it over purple and gold as well as pink to pull the different glitter colours out and make them pop.

  2. I agree with Leona, I love both of the glitters.

  3. The purple creme is gorgeous I like it the way you ajusted it. I wish I can see the glitter you put over the purple in a bottle. I'm loving the pink glitter so much! Maria, I'm sure those glitters will sell fast you know us glitter junkies. Lol! :D

  4. Love of the glitters! My personal fav is the purple one.

  5. I love these glitters...especially the pink one! I think they would be great additions to the collection. The purple creme as a part of the top/base coat set is also a great idea.