Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Like My Martini's Sweet, But My Nails....

Apparently I like those dirty! (hopefully everyone gets that vague reference! Get it - a dirty martini is made with olives and these manicures are olive based?) That is my attempt at being witty! LOL! This is what happens when I try to squeeze a blog post in on my lunch hour!

This is actually a comparison post. Well, actually I don't know that I would even call it that, but heck why not since I'm obviously feeling punchy!

Many of you know by now that one of my Fall colors in Cult Nails In a Trance. A gorgeous olive with gold shimmer an some flecks of pink and blue thrown in for good measure. Well now we also have Chanel Peridot which is an amazing foil olive/gold color with some blue duochrome thrown in and Butter London's Olive/Green super blingtastic foil Wallis too. I am sure more olives will pop up and am a bit surprised I picked such an on trend color. Can I pat myself on the back? Not yet?

Anyway, I couldn't resist picking up Peridot or Wallis. All three colors are different enough to earn a spot in my polish collection. Unfortunately it is really hard for me to pull off this color since I have yellow undertones in my skin, and In a trance works on my skin tone, while the others not so much. But since it's not my face, it won't stop me from wearing them, since I love them!

Here they are side by side. Index finger is Peridot, middle finger is In a Trance and ring finger is Wallis.

Here is Peridot on it's own. LOVE this one! How do they do it? I would love to be a fly on the wall in one of their meetings! I bow down to the amazing colors they continue to come up with!

Next up is Wallis. Holy friggin blingtasticness! I can't get over this color! It is so friggin hot! Why didn't I think foil? I never think about foils. This has me rethinking that! I am in love!

I am actually wearing this one right now. I keep getting asked if it's mine. Sadly no - the props for this amazingness goes to Butter London! Well deserved props if you ask me. If you don't have this one, I suggest you get it!

And lastly the subdued one of the group. Cult Nails In a Trance. After all that bling, this may seem a little blah, but I love the subdued quality to it. Sometimes a girl needs bling, sometimes she needs office appropriate fun. I put this in the catergory of office appropriate fun! I am dying to wear this as a manicure, but I promised myself until the pre-ships go out, I will not. So I wait and buy everyone elses fab olives instead! LOL! We should have all our polishes a little early so instead of the end of August/early September, it looks like we will have all our Fall colors next week! YAY! So hang tight, because your chance to get this beauty is just around the corner!

If you are a green fan and an olive fan, then I say this is a must have too! It is just stunning, if I do say so myself!

Oh and did you hear the news? If I get 5,000 likes on Facebook I will put all polishes on sale on our site for $5 for 1 day!!! Yup I will! It will probably eat a majority of my inventory - but for you guys, I will do it! So if you don't follow us on Facebook yet, head on over there. But be warned, if you think I get personal here, I do so even more over there. I'm just an over sharer. Can't change that! :)


  1. All 3 are pretty, but In A Trance is by far more my "type" of polish. I love it!!

  2. Hello! Long time no talky! I am finally settled, trying to organize my life now! I will definitely spread the work about your facebook contest! I love these color shades on you!

  3. Trance makes the other two look like they are trying too hard. :) I'm eager to get my new Fall CN's!

  4. I love that your $10 olive green really holds its own when compared to one that is $14 and another that is $25. Since I am kind of an addict, I am eventually going to own all 3. I already have Peridot.

  5. Trance is more my preference too. I also gave you a shout out for more followers on my blog, . I am sort of starting over but I hope you like!