Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Back From CosmoProf

Can I just say I am STILL exhausted! CosmoProf was amazing, but it really was a lot of work. I went in with the hope to meet with some companies and learn what this whole industry is about when you are a part of a brand and not as a consumer. I didn't get to do what all the other bloggers who went did. There was no seeing what is coming from other polish companies. No sneak peaks here. I did get to partake in some of the fun blogger activities that PolishGalore put together though. I have to say she took charge and did an amazing job pulling the bloggers together. Thanks to her, I met many of the bloggers I follow and a few new bloggers I didn't but will be for sure following now! I even gave these bloggers some polishes from our upcoming Fall collection and some even got a sneak peak at Unicorn Puke and my messy hotel room!
The Luxor - this is where I stayed

So what did I do at CosmoProf. Well for now a lot of that will stay under wraps. I can't give it all away after all. I did have several meetings and those seemed to go well. I also did walk around the floor to see what options there may be if I want to grow the offerings on our site. I talked to a few beauty companies about potential reviews on my blog and made a few connections. Essentially it was pretty busy, and now that I am back, missing the last day of CosmoProf was a big no no. Next year I will be there the entire time.

I was lucky enough to attend a class and listen to Deborah Lippman not only talk about what she has learned in this business, but she also graced us with her singing. Can I just say, that girl can sing! Now I not only love her polish, but as soon as I can settle down from the week ahead and how busy I am, I am planning on buying one of her CD's on iTunes. In that same class I was fortunate enough to hear the founder of Yes To, Ido Leffler. Prior to hearing him speak, I had heard of Yes To Carrots. I have seen them at Walgreen's and Target, but never tried the product. Two things happened when I heard him speak. 1. I learned a lot of what I am doing now is good and other things need to change and 2. I am now a loyal supporter of the brand and can't wait to get into a Walgreen's or Target to load up on some Yes To products. You can bet I will post a review on here later!
I got to put a coat of Captivated on Bottles of Polish's exsisting manicure!

I was also able to attend the blogger dinner with Katie Cazorla of The Painted Nail. She is exactly like what you see on TV as far as being open and fun. I really enjoyed meeting her. She is an amazing lady and I hope her star and success continues to rise. I did peep her Nubar polishes and OMG - LOVE LOVE LOVE the glitter! Plus her nails were looking so friggin cool! I am sure someone else too a picture of it, but I instantly came up with a twist to her look and can't wait to try it this weekend!
Me and Katie Cazorla - she took her heels off, so I look like a giant in this picture! Her heels by the way were A-MAZ-ING as were her nails! She loved Unicorn Puke too!

Waiting for our table. L to R: Gia from Bottles of Polish, Me, Krystal from Polish Galore, Katie Cazorla and the one and only Michelle Mismas from All Lacquered Up!

I also got to attend the Jessie's Girl cosmetics dinner. The CEO was really great and told us a little about how he started the company and loaded us with product for reviews. As soon as my daughter saw the stuff she had to have it. So what we decided was that we would do a How I wore it vs. how she wears it. Kind of like a mom vs. teenager thing. It will be the first time you all will get to see one of my kids! WOW! From there I have a feeling we will be fighting over who gets to keep the Jessie's Girl products.
AHH! That's Christine from Temptalia! She is the cutest thing in person! Love her!

With all that, I have to say the best part for me was meeting all the awesome bloggers. I learned so much about how I view blogging vs other individuals. I met some amazing women who I believe will become friends for life, and I was just utterly excited to be in the presence of such amazing, talented and beautiful women. I didn't get pictures of all the bloggers I met, but it was just an amazing chance to meet them all and spend time with some of them. I feel so lucky! 
Waiting on the limo for dinner - L to R: Elizabeth from Lacquered Lizard (love her to pieces), the amazing Krystal from Polish Galore, My partner in well, there was no crime, but she is awesomeness, Judy from Beauty Judy, and Melissa from the Daily Nail who I am in utter awe of her amazing skills!

Now that I am back, I am working on what feels like a million things. Some of which you will all learn of soon. It is an exhausting and exciting time for us here at the Cult! I am excited about our future!


  1. Looks like you had an absolute blast! I would so love to take part in a thing like CosmoProf but I am not guessing any such thing will be in Denmark any time soon :P Cant wait to hear more about all the exiting stuff you have in store for us ;D

  2. great meeting you Maria. you and your polishes are gorgeous! best of luck with Cult Nails. xoxo

  3. Can't wait to read more about your experience there. I truly enjoyed meeting you...some things you said really resonated with me and I thought of you on my drive home. Thank you for the coming up.

  4. How great to put faces to bloggers. :)
    I know you had a great time. And, I'll corner you for details when I see you later this month. ;)

  5. It sure looked like you ladies had a blast! :) I wish I can go there next year.

  6. Oh geez ^_^ I had so much fun meeting you Maria, and getting to talk to you. I'm so glad you were able to attend, and yeah that last day was a good one! I hope to see you again soon! <3

  7. What a wonderful experience!!! Love your photos!
    I live in Parma, which is 90 km far from Bologna, the Italian city where Cosmoprof takes place. Nevertheless, I've never gone there because I have never been convinced by several aspects of the italian organization of the event. I really hope they will improve the organisational aspect, so I will visit a Cosmoprof one day!

  8. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun, next time I want to join in on the fun! :)

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, how exciting! Can't wait to see what you've been working on, and more about the lovely Unicorn Puke!

  10. You lucky girl! :P I'm glad you had a great time!