Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jesse's Girl Behind Blue Eyes 9 Pan Eye Shadow Compact

Hello my lovely lacquer ladies! Today I am bringing you something different. Yesterday I posted about a new site GlamRush.com and today I am bringing you Jesse's Girl Cosmetics! I know this started as a polish blog, and over time it has shifted to add other things into it. I haven't done a lot of beauty stuff until now, and you know what? I think I have been bit by the beauty bug! So now it's your turn to get bit! LOL!

First I want to start off with how I got to know Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. Krystal from Polishgalore set up some opportunities for us bloggers who went to CosmoProf. One of the companies she worked with is Jesse's Girl and they agreed to meet with all 15 of us eager bloggers! Not only that they treated us all like queen's. (Well duh - why wouldn't they, right? lol). They hired a limo to pick us up and a group of us was standing outside the Luxor and out of the limo comes this man and he starts talking to Krystal. I had no clue who this guy was, turns out he was Jesse himself! I don't know why, but in my mind, Jesse was a girl. Oops! Now the name of the brand make sense! Jesse jokingly told us that his wife thinks the brand is named after her and his daughter thinks it's named after her, he'll never tell! Got to love a guy with a sense of humor who is willing to indulge his wife and daughter with a cosmetics company! Maybe he should have called the company Jesse's girls, because his makeup is fantastic and I think he is going to have a lot more girls loving his stuff!

Once the limo picked us up, Jesse brought us all to a very nice restaurant, Lawry's Steakhouse. The food was amazing, but even more amazing was that he gave each of us a bag of goodies! Take a look at everything we received!
4 - 9 pan eye shadow compacts, 1 baked eye shadow palette, 1 eyeliner pencil and 3 polishes
My first thought was Wow this is so generous! Then I thought, my daughter is going to love this stuff since I don't really wear colored eyeshadow. But I thought since he gave us this wonderful stuff, I would at least swatch it for you all. But guess what? I now have a new addiction! I created some great looks and I have been wearing color ever since I tried this. Now I admit I tried color before and fell in love. If you remember I tried a red from Evil Shades that I completely fell for, so when I want to wear color, I wear that. I tried venturing out beyond the red but just keep finding myself stuck. I think that is officially over with now! Although I am saving the more neutral tones for the work week.

I will review each of these in a separate post, so you will see a few more Jesse's Girl reviews coming up. I decided to start with the Behind Blue Eyes 9 pan compact. I couldn't find the palette on their website, but I did email them and received an almost immediate response! Impressive! This compact will retail for $3.99 each! No that is not a typo! They are not available yet, but they will be available at the end of August or beginning of September. You will be able to get these at Rite Aid or online. Shipping is free for domestic orders over $20!! They also ship internationally!
While at CosmoProf, I mentioned that I am not a huge fan of seeing a swatch on an arm. I like to see the color like this, but I also want to see a look. This doesn't really help me in deciding whether I want a product. But as the wise Julie G told me, it allows you to really see the color and how it applies. So true, so true. So I decided to swatch them, but here is the thing, if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you may see a "haze" on the bottom half of the swatches. That is because I applied primer to the bottom half before applying the swatch. So the top half is without primer and the bottom is with primer. These colors didn't see a major color change with the primer. However my daughter tried some of these wet and said they look AMAZING wet, almost foiled. Unfortunately I didn't think to swatch wet. Sorry.

But as I said, I prefer to see the product in use, so I chose a few shades and did a look for you. I highlighted the colors I used for this look. I started with the bright blue color and applied it lightly since I didn't want an 80's vibe. Then I used the Smokey black on the ends in a sideways V pattern and used the light blue/grey over the tops of my lids and as a highlighter in the center of the bottom lid. I also used their black eyeliner to complete the look.

Now for my thoughts on the product. I have very little eyeshadow. I had only some Lancome, Mac and Evil Shades before this. This was comparable to my Lancome eyeshadows. They applied very smoothly and were nice and creamy. The colors are not hyper pigmented, but you can achieve intensity if you want it. I prefer softer blendable colors, and this was perfect for me. I am seriously impressed that this is a drugstore brand. It comes with the sponge tip applicators, but honestly I just took those right out of the case. I use actual eyeshadow applicator brushes to apply my shadows, so those are useless to me for shadow application. But I keep them aside because I do use them to smudge my eyeliner.

I'm new to this whole look and realize looking at the pictures that I need to learn more blending techniques. But otherwise I really loved this look!

So what do you think? Have you tried Jesse's Girl Cosmetics? Does this review make you want to try them? Since this is still fairly new to, how do you think I did on the review? Did I miss anything? What would you like to see differently?


  1. Gorgeous and yes I want to try now! lol

  2. loved the post! It looks like you did a good job blending, i didn't even see the blue so much . what a great value at $3.99!

  3. I just picked up the brown eye palette but I haven't tried it out yet. Love the eye look!