Friday, August 12, 2011

Jesse's Girl The Eyes Have It 9 Pan Eye Shadow Palette

Hey everyone! It has been a hectic last few days. Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Young Executives for Success in Orlando's Dress for Success event at Bloomingdale's with Once Bitten and Libby's Pink Vanity. It was great to get to see them last night, and attend such a great event to benefit a great cause. The best part is that we found out about the event through Twitter! It still amazes me at the power of the Internet! So cool! 

Today I bring you another look from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. As I stated before this brand is one I got to know through CosmoProf and boy am I glad I did. You can find Jesse's Girl at Rite Aid and online. They ship internationally, and the prices are pretty amazing. This 9 pan palette is called The Eyes Have It and it is already available at Rite Aid's for $3.99. It will be available online by the end of August to early September.

 These swatched a bit on the light side, but more intense than I could capture on camera for some reason. The color all the way on the left is a very light but with an almost neon quality yellow based green. It really is a cool color. Then the next two colors are blues. Not sure what the blues are doing in this mainly green and brown palette, but I like both colors, so I'm fine with that.

For the look below I used the green that I have marked as base. It is the only color I am wearing, I just built it up a little more around the edges in a sideways v pattern. I really liked this as a subtle daytime look with color. I really like how it brings the colors out in my brown eyes too.

For these pictures I added the green and brown that I marked as color accent and blended. I loved this look! I even wore it again the next day! I think of all the Jesse's palette's I received, this one is by far my favorite. The tones just seem to work really well with my eyes. Or at least I think they do.

I'd really like to know what you all think of these makeup swatches. I'd like to do more of these in the future. Would you like to see more looks? If so what would you like to see?

Also what about Jesse's Girl Cosmetics? Have you tried them or are you intending to?

*These products were given to me for consideration and review. The opinions expressed are my own. The nature of my review will not be impacted by the way I obtained a product.


  1. Maria, I had so much fun meeting up with you and @OnceBittenBlog. We got our share of appetizers, didn't we!

    I do like this palette. You bet I'd pick this up if I found it. Looks like I will order it from their site. And, please, do more looks of the day. You are beautiful and your style with colors show.

  2. You have such gorgeous eyes! I love what you've done with this palette, just wish we had a Rite Aid here. :)

    Also, can I be an impatient nag and ask if you know when Let Me Fly will be back in stock? It's been calling to me.

  3. Hi Maria!

    Thanks for swatching these. I picked up and put down Jesse pallettes because I wasn't sure how good the quality could be for that price. But I'll be going back for this one! The colors look great on you. Please do more of this in the future!