Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kat Von D True Love Kit - Pic Heavy

I did a little online Sephora shopping a few weeks ago and picked up the Kat Von D True Love kit. I have never tried her stuff before, and honestly I didn't think I ever would. I was a fan of Miami Ink, but more so for the tattoos I could see rather than the "reality show" behind it. I liked that you could hear the stories behind what inspires individuals tattoos, but could care less to see all the other fluff. When Kat Von D started LA Ink again I watched for the tattoos. I am not one to get starstruck and buy something just because a celebrity made it. So paying a premium for her makeup because it had her name on it was just not something I was going to do. But a friend of mine loves her eyeshadows and told me they were amazing, so for about a year now I have looked and considered but never bought. Now that I'm on a kick for colored eyeshadows, I thought why not. Well actually I was going to get the new Urban Decay Anniversary set, but this set seemed like a better value for my money, so I went with it. The set came with the True Love Eye Shadow Palette which retails for $24 on it own, full size eye shadow primers in skin and smokey which retail for $15 each, An Autograph Pencil (eyeliner) in Amor Puro which retails for $18 and a lipstick in Celebutard which retails for $18. I paid I think $42 for the entire set. I can't quite remember and unfortunately Sephora no longer has the set online. Too bad, because overall I think it is an amazing set.

First up is the eyeshadow set. There are some swatches down below. Colors from left to right are: Peanut, Benji, Rebekah, Lucifer, Cholita, Skiba, Babe, Missy

Eyeshadow Primer in Smokey

Eyeshadow Primer in Skin

Lipstick in Celebutard

Autograph Pencin in Amor Puro

Now let's get to the swatches.
First I swatched the eyeshadows alone without the primer. Unfortunately I am still learning the swatching makeup thing and I had a tough time getting a good picture of this. Left to right is Benji which is am almost white. It is a very soft white look that can be used for hightlighting. I really love this color and will be reaching for it again and again. Next is Benji. This was like a bronzed gold creamy shadow. It was thick and very hard to apply. Rebekah is a nice neutral earthy color with some shimmer. Lucifer is a perfect smokey black, I'm sure this is a staple for many. Cholita is a dark burgandy type color. Skiba is a muted purple which is amazing I must say. Babe is a bright purple, I don't see myself wearing this one often, but I bet my daughter will go crazy for it. The last one is Missy and this one I am unsure of. It looks white, but it seems to have purple undertones in it. But a bit of Babe dustings flew on it, so maybe its that?
Here are the swatches over the Eye Shadow Primer in Skin

swatches over Eye Shadow Primer in Smokey

Here is the look I did. One thing I am learning here is I need to learn how to fix my eyebrows. Boy this makeup swatching has you look at your face in a whole new way! LOL!

I must say it looks really pretty. I'll give you the breakdown below.

First I applied the eyeshadow primer in Skin all over my eyelid. I put a few dots on my eye and then used my finger to spread it around. Then I applied Skiba over the base of my eyelid up to my crease. I then applied Babe in a sideways V pattern over my crease and corners. I then applied Benji to the inner bottom half of my lid to my crease, I then smoothed out the edges of that using Rebekah and I used Missy sparingly around my brow bown to highlight. Looking here I could have used a little more. I used the autograph pencil around my entire eye and then smudged it out with Lucifer. I actually used all but two colors from the pallete! AMAZING! (I won't lie, I looked up a smokey look on YouTube with this set. Unfortunately I watched about three videos and this is a little of everyone's and I can't remember whose videos I watched. Sorry!)

Lasty the lipstick in Celebutard. First off the name of this color offends me. What is that suppose to mean? I just don't like it. Maybe I am missing something? The color as well looks horrible on me! It completely washed out my lips. I think on someone with pale skin it may work, but on me - forget it! I did take it off and layer it over another color and it was amazing that way, so I will definitely keep it for that purpose. It lasted through dinner too, so it has good staying power.

So what do you guys think about the look? All of these items are availble individually at Sephora, unfortunately the kit is no longer on their site. I haven't been getting a lot of comments on the makeup looks, but I will keep plugging away and doing some looks here and there. Your feedback would be awesome. I'd love to know what you guys think of the looks or how I'm doing with them. 


  1. I think that eye look is great on you! I'm with you on the lipstick name being offensive. Too bad, because that color would work on me, but I can't bring myself to buy something with a name I can't support. Can't wait to see more!

  2. this seems like a great set. i'm still debating trying the Kat Von D line.

  3. For someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow that often, you're really great at applying them! I wish I was that good, but I still have a loooooong way to go, haha. I love seeing your swatches and makeup looks! Thanks for posting them. :) (Oh, and you're 5 followers away from 1000! Congrats!)

  4. oh my god ! beautiful make up kit and lovley Eyes . really i like lips pic good job ....

  5. fantastic posting for make up and nie all pics

  6. You are correct; the lip color isn't right for you.

    How did you like the primers?

    Nice review with photos. :)

  7. beautiful look on your eyes, it's fab!!!