Monday, August 15, 2011

My Birthday Part II

I didn't have a party for my Birthday last weekend. Knowing I would have just been getting back from CosmoProf just days before my Birthday, I didn't want any plans interfering with my weekend plans of relaxation. So I had a perfectly relaxing Birthday. But being a Leo, I wasn't about to pass on a day to celebrate me! LOL! So we had my Birthday celebration this weekend. It was a nice night with some great friends. As an added bonus my girls OnceBitten and Libby's Pink Vanity came all the way down to help celebrate! How cool is that? So here are a few pics from Saturday night. Enjoy!

My friends used my Cult Nails picture for my cake! How cool is that?

Some of my Besties. 
Side note: When I decided to wear this dress for Saturday night, my daughter kindly mentioned that this was "like the third time I was wearing this dress." Um yes, I do wear things more than once! I really love this dress. So yes I wore it out with friends once before, I wore it to CosmoProf, I wore it Saturday night and I guarantee I will wear it again and again! I just love it! And I only spent $15 for it on clearance! WAHOO! I thought it was funny that my daughter said that!

Me & my girls early in the evening. Look at all the hot ladies! 

Hopefully they are OK with me sharing our pics - Kimberly from Libby's Pink Vanity is in the middle and Kari from  Once Bitten is on the right. Love these girls! It means so much that they came down, it was a long ride for them.

Let's show them our nails girls! Wait til Kari posts her nails on her blog - I am LOVING the color she was wearing!

John and me at the end of the evening.

With all these pictures already on here, I'll post my nails in a separate post. Hope you enjoyed virtually being there!


  1. So happy to celebrate with you and I LOVE that dress.. super sexy and so silky soft! Lilli is sitting here on my lap, just pointed to you guys and said, "I love Maria!" AWWWEEE!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Only recently discovered your blog and your brand. Love both. And from one Leo to another:that dress is perfect!

  3. Happy Birthday! and I love the animal print!