Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogger Spotlight - PolishPauper!

The blogger spotlight is getting harder and harder to do. There are so many amazing blogs out there featuring Cult Nails! I may have to do more Blogger spotlights!

Today's spotlight is PolishPauper! First off I think Kisten is amazing as a person and she has been hugely supportive of Cult Nails since she heard about us. But I actually had the opportunity to meet her and wish she lived closer to me! She is yet another blogger that I now count as one of my friends. I say that so when I invite myself to go stay with her for a girl's get away - she won't be able to resist. And while I am there I am stealing the Monique Lhullier shoes she got while we were in Vegas! Seriously though - She is wicked awesome (And so isn't her friend Rachel.)

Another thing I love about her post is that I have been wearing Vicious for a few days now and actually grabbed Unicorn Puke (Clairvoyant) to put on my ring finger, and then decided I wanted to wear it on all my fingers instead, but then changed my mind again, so I actually haven't done it yet. But I will be!

Check out the rest of her pics and post at

In the mean time try to stop drooling while you check out these pics! Ok - that's it, going to grab Unicorn Puke and putting it on!


  1. Aaaack! I neeeed Unicorn Puke. :) Thanks for sharing Polish Pauper with us.

  2. When can I buy this gorgeous color ?!?

  3. I've never seen such gorgeous puke! =P I say Unicorn Puke is a must have! =)