Monday, September 12, 2011

Cult Nails - Blogger of the week - Chit Chat Nails!

I decided to add a new feature to my blog. If you blog about Cult Nails make sure you post it on our Facebook page or Twitter page. Each week, I will feature one of my favorite posts.

Chit Chat Nails is a blog written by Marta in Canada. I love her posts, she gives us a bit of insight into who she is. Her Twitter is the same. You can feel her vibe and energy in each and every post. She makes me laugh all the time. I actually think if I lived near her, we would be inseparable. Do you ever read or follow a blog and think, I wish we could hang out? Well that's how I feel about Marta. If you don't follow her blog, you should.

And her pictures are amazing to boot! She not only takes nail pics, but she takes some pretty creative pics of the polish bottles. I have actually contacted her to use her pictures on the Cult Nails site. Now if I just had the time to redo the site!

Here are just a few pictures that she featured of In a Trance on her site last week. I absolutely LOVE this picture! I want to take a picture like this now! I just don't think I can pull it off like her.

She's stunning isn't she? But her nail pics are equally as good.

See what I mean? A blog not to be missed! So go check out Chit Chat Nails, I think you'll enjoy her blog as much as I do!


  1. i love her so much..
    i love her blog :)

  2. I like the sunglasses picture, but her swatch pictures are just okay. Nothing spectacular though.

  3. Maria! You are too good to me!!!! I'm honored you thought my blog was worthy to add to this "series"!
    If you want my opinion ;) you'd rock the sunglasses photo shoot!!!! You are incredibly gorgeous and add a sense of class and glamour to all your photos! ;) one day we will meet up :) one day...

  4. I love Marta's blog and she is awesome with her stamping, and photography!

  5. Marta has become one of my really good friends since I moved near her and she makes me want to be a better blogger!

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