Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cult Nails Nail Lacquer Labor Day Sale!!!

Cult Nails Nail Lacquer goes on sale this weekend! We have reached 1,500 Facebook likes on the Cult Nails FaceBook page and while that may be a lot less than some other polish companies, you guys are the best 1,500! Most of you have been following along from the start and some of you may be new to the Cult, and I appreciate each and every one of you! I am so humbled by all the support you guys have given me. In honor of the long weekend, we are having a HUGE Labor Day sale. This sale will be from Friday - Sunday only! So get those wallets ready! You'll also see the return of Let Me Fly on our site starting on Friday! WAHOO!
You can click on the image above for a better view of the sale or visit the Cult Nails site. But here's what it boils down to. You can get two polishes for $15! (Up to 10 polishes per order.) You just have to use the coupon code that corresponds to your order. If that wasn't enough, we are giving free shipping to any order over $60 for everyone - domestic and international!!! That means you can get 10 polishes for $75! WOW!

So if you haven't joined the cult yet, this weekend is your chance!

Coupon Codes
10 for $75 (code 10475)
8 for $60 (code 8460)
6 for $45 (code 6445)
4 for $30 (code 4430)
2 for $15 (code 2415)
No coupon needed for the Free Shipping offer. If your total after coupons is $60 or more, you will automatically receive free shipping on your order!

Here are some pictures to get you started. (For some reason I can't find pictures of Living Water or Quench. Weird!)
My Kind of Cool Aid

Devious Nature

Always Winning

Cruisin' Nude

Let Me Fly

In a Trance



Hypnotize Me


  1. Awesome deal! I was waiting for a sale like this, however the one polish I was lemming the most form Cult Nails was Captivated, and sadly you have discontinued it :(

  2. I almost wish I didn't own every single polish you have ever sold just so I could buy more! I can't wait for the next collection!

  3. I want Captivated too! It's such a special color.

  4. Ditto, Jessi M!

    I wore My Kind of Cool Aid earlier this week and got tons of compliments on it. And I'm about to do a mani with Devious Nature. Congrats on all your Likes!

  5. I just got my bottle of Iconic last week and *love* it so much! Might have to get Let Me Fly & My Kind of Cool Aid during this awesome sale; thank you Maria! :)

  6. Perfect day to bring back Let Me Fly for Ovarian Cancer Awareness day of wearing Teal!