Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a Brand New Day

The weekend is over, so sad. We actually unplugged(ish) for the weekend and spent it at a friend's "beach house". We were barely an hour and a half away from home and his beach house is as close to the beach as my everyday house is as close to the beach. Actually I think my everyday house is closer. But his house overlooks the water (where the ocean and river meet). Mine does not. I find it so crazy that I needed to get away and my beach wasn't good enough! LOL! Actually my beach is plenty good enough, it's the house that isn't. I mean if I stayed home and tried to unplug, I would be reminded of the boxes of nail polish and polish related items that need to find storage, or the laundry that needs to be done, or the errands that need to be run. So there would be no unwinding. By actually packing up and leaving, I might just actually unwind. Plus it was free! Well with the exception of all the money we spent on food! Yikes!
The view from the living room

Let me just say, I totally did. I checked in on Twitter and Facebook here and there. I Instagram'd a few photos, I even read my email. But  I didn't respond to a single email, which is huge for me! I was able to just chill by the pool (because the beach was overrun by jellyfish) with family and friends. It was beautiful!
The pool I spent most of my time at this weekend.

Of course we got back home yesterday and we went right back into Cult Nails work. We had orders to pack people! So I sat there rolling little polish cigars and Juan packed everyone's orders. So much for cooking dinner, or getting laundry done or anything else! Looks like I'll be spending my week catching up! But oh it was so worth it!
The beach - just look at how clear the water is! Darn jellyfish kept us out of it though!

Well, maybe we'll catch up on housework tomorrow, tonight we need to go look at MAC's and make a decision on what we are replacing my dead Macbook with. We are tossed up between the desktop MAC and another Macbook. I for one prefer the Macbook. But the desktop might have a bit more to offer us. But the desktop needs a desk and a place to put the desk. I hate the look of a computer desk in the house! Maybe a cabinet we can close? I don't know, I guess we will find out tonight! Hope everyone has a great day!

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