Thursday, September 15, 2011

Natural Nails

This last weekend we decided to hit the beach. It seems kind if strange that we hadn't been in about a month when we live a half a mile away. I always said I wouldn't become on of those people. But yup I most definitely am one of those people now! I missed the beach. It seems like all the world's stresses just go out to sea. But just because, we drove about 30 miles away to hit a different beach! Lol!

Love our little beach set up! Makes me want to go right back there now!

I had taken the polish off my nails and simply put my base coat on for protection. I am going to be mixing polishes and I end up testing them on a nail as I create, so I try to keep my nails undone when I am creating.

As I was sitting there, I realized that my nail bed length is different on each nail. This of course means that the free edge on each nail is also a different length to compensate. The end result is perfectly even nails even though nothing actually lines up 100%. that got me wondering, are your nailbeds even? If your not one of the lucky ones and your like me, do you grow your free edge evenly or do you offset your free edge like I do so the the overall nail is even? I'm just being curious.

Here's a shell I found on the beach. I wonder how old it is?

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  1. I have uneven nail beds too. Since I keep my nail polished pretty much all the time, I do the same thing you do and keep the whole nail even. Otherwise it just looks wonky and it annoys me.

  2. I keep my nails fairly short (though not down to the quick like I had to when I played violin) and I like to keep them even. My trouble is my middle finger on my right hand. The nailbed itself isn't symmetrical. It's off just enough that I have to compensate by keeping the free edge on the right side of the nail shorter than the left edge. Unpolished, it looks bizarre. Polished, you'd never know.

  3. No, mine aren't even close to being even. No surprise, though - most people aren't very 'even.' Even if it's not perceptible, most women's breasts aren't a perfect match and it's more common than not that our feet won't be exactly the same size.

  4. 30 Miles?! What beach did you go to?

  5. I have very deep nail beds on all of my fingers except the two pointers -- it's very annoying! I can't keep my nails long because I'd break 'em at my job, so my nails are kept at about fingertip length. My two pointers look very sad and tiny in comparison. ):