Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Outfit of the Day - Evening Wedding

 Juan was asked to be in his friend's wedding this last weekend. He's had this planned for quite some time. I knew that going to this wedding combined with the Cult Nails Labor Day sale was going to be tough to manage. We pride ourselves on super fast shipping, so we had to figure out a way to manage shipping all the orders that came in Friday afternoon to Saturday morning before we went out of town. Needless to say, as we were walking out the door, we realized we still hadn't bought shoes for two of my daughters. So as we ran out of the house hoping that we would have enough time to get everything we need and get Juan to the pre-wedding photos on time. This should be fun!

As we were in the car Juan politely told me that I would have to get ready at warp speed as I would only have 15 minutes once I got to the room to get ready. WHAT? Come again? Has he met me? I mean after 16+ years of marriage, he had to be kidding! So I grabbed my makeup bag and went to work on my makeup. I am used to doing my makeup in the car, so whatevs, I got this! But what about my hair? I let it air dry and it was hanging like bleh. I had a specific hairstyle in mind, and now I was going to have to figure something new out, or was I? Did I dare try this hairstyle in the car? Well if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you already know I did. I apologize for the pic quality in this post now - I didn't bring my camera and had to deal with the camera on my phone for all my pictures this weekend.

Doing my hair in the car with no view of the back! I had to keep having my daughter take pictures so I could see how it was going back there! LOL!

Here's a side view. I did a loose french braid on each side and then rolled the rest of the hair in pins for a messy look in the back.

Here is the almost done look. After seeing this picture, I fixed the few that looked like they were straying from the rest.

This picture cracks me up! I look like an Alien and look at my kids leg behind me! This is the finished makeup look, but dang the angle of the photo makes me look so weird! HA!

Here is a fuzzy pic of the makeup and hair. It was the best I could get.

I tweeted a picture of the two dresses I was trying to decide between and everyone seemed to like this one. I thought it was a little too sexy for a wedding, but in the end I forgot my strapless bra for the other dress and ended up going with this one anyway. 
I got the dress at Dillard's for $69, I have no idea who makes the dress though. The shoes are from Guess from last year. The bracelet was gifted to me by a friend. And I can't remember when or where I got the necklace or earrings. I suck I know. LOL

Here I am with Juan. My phone was dying, so I think it messed with the colors,  Juan's skin looks so distorted and that tux does nothing for him. I can't stand rented tuxes! He is swimming in that thing! For the money, I think the guys could probably all buy the same suit and get it fitted to their bodies and end up with a much nicer look. But in reality, that is probably not practical for a wedding. But bleh - it adds a good 20 lbs to his frame! On the plus side look how tiny I look next to him! It took away a good 10 lbs away from me!

I actually ended up with 5 minutes in the room since I did my hair and makeup in the car. So while Juan was still putting his tux on I took In a Trance off and put on Cruisin' Nude. I used my upcoming base coat Get It On, then one coat of Cruisin' Nude and then topped it off with my upcoming Wicked Fast top coat. My nails were dry by the time we walked out the door! WAHOO!! Look how shiny!

Bonus pic #1 - My 12 year old daughter decided to do matching polka dots on her nails. How cute!

Bonus Pic #2: I didn't get to take any pics at the wedding because my phone died and I forgot my camera. I have to say it was a nice and quaint wedding, but the level of elegance was amazing! The brides dress was sheer perfection! I wish I had a picture to share, she looked so stunning. The bridesmaids dresses were really nice. I would actually buy and wear the dresses she chose for them. I think it's great that she chose a dress that did not look bad for her bridesmaids. The room they had the wedding in felt very romantic and a bit victorian in nature. My phone managed to turn on long enough for me to snap a picture of the centerpiece. I wish I got a better picture, there is so much more going on that can be seen here. But again, stunning!
So that was my Saturday evening. How was your Labor Day Weekend? Was it a long weekend for you? Did you do anything fun?


  1. Ha ha!! Despite all the rush..u still look very pretty..and I really like the hair and make up

  2. Wow!! Your hair turned out stunning!!!

  3. You are amazing! I could spend weeks trying to get my hair to look half that nice, and you do it in the car.

  4. Thank you for the kind comments everyone.

    Fennelbat - I never would have thought it would have worked out in a million years! If I tried this at home it would have taken forever and I don't know that it would have worked out. I think something about the pressure of having to do it in the car worked in my favor. Luck was on my side!