Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rachel Zoe Takes On Lipstick - A MAH ZING!

As one of the most-recognized purveyors of fashion trends, super-stylist and designer Rachel Zoe has put her boho-chic style stamp on countless celebrities and captured the collective attention of fashion mavens everywhere. Her ability to whip beauties into fashionable shape has led her to endless collaborations: a smart-budget clothing line with QVC, a trend-forecasting role with and her own Bravo TV reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project. It was only a matter of time before the “major” style star dipped her Chanel-accessorized hands into beauty—and that she has as the front woman for Exude lipstick. The innovative lip color line boasts nine universally flattering lip creme shades as well as five lip glosses—but it’s the delivery system and formulation that hooked the discerning stylist. “[Exude co-founders] Laurence [Mille] and Diane [Breidenbach] approached me with the product, and I was immediately intrigued because I’m completely obsessed with lipstick and anything that pertains to it,” Zoe laughs. “I was very excited to be shown something that was new and different, and I thought it was really, really cool.”

What’s cool about it? The lip color is housed in a tube containing an innovative crystal-clear applicator shaped like a traditional lipstick bullet; when you twist the bottom, a drop of pigment-rich color is released into a recessed area in the bullet’s tip. If too much product comes out, twist the bottom in the opposite direction and the lip color is sucked back into the applicator. Clean, efficient and oh-so-chic! “I’m a germ freak and I love that you can roll it up and roll it down, and none of it gets messy—it always looks pretty and doesn’t get on anything in your purse!” Zoe says.

Joey Maalouf, Zoe’s right-hand makeup man, views the applicator as being a great beauty tool as well. “The plastic applicator also allows you to move the lipstick around on the lip so that you don’t need a lip liner; you can easily and cleanly fade the color into the lip,” he says.

But for Zoe, what’s inside this magic bullet is what counts. “The system is great, but even if it’s a great concept, the actual product needs to be good—otherwise I’m not getting involved,” Zoe recounts. “But when I put it on, I literally fell in love with it in five minutes flat.” The deeply hydrating, anti-aging formulation blends vitamins C and E, omega-3, omega-6 and goji berry, laying down a somewhat elastic, lip-clinging finish. Despite being creamy and soft, the crèmes wear long and strong. “My biggest thing with lipstick is that it always dries up because I have to talk a lot and my lips get really, really dry,” Zoe laughs. “Exude lip creams feel like I'm wearing lip balm. They stay on. I went through a phase when I wanted matte, matte and matte, and then I realized I constantly looked like I had chapped lips and it was not chic. Not cute at all!”

Zoe had her hand in the design of the packaging, a minimalist and modern white tube that is velvety smooth to the touch. “The feel is so important to me, and of course I want it to look chic,” she says. And, naturally, the stylist has a favorite color of the bunch. “I love Cranberry. I’m wearing it now, and I’ve been wearing it for five hours and it hasn’t worn off…has it?” she demures.

The nine lip crèmes (Bronze, Brown, Coral, Cranberry, Nude, Pink, Plum, Red and Rosy Brown) and five lip glosses (Clear, Brown, Crimson, Dusty Pink and Scarlet Red) will be sold exclusively at beginning this month, and will officially launch in October. —Karie L. Frost

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