Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

What a week! Let's see my MAC is dead, I sprained my foot (not my ankle - my foot! - who does that?), the laundry is out of control, um my MAC DIED!!!! My favorite bracelet broke, I'm still one color short for our winter line. It has definitely been a trying week! But through it all it really hasn't been THAT bad. There are some bright spots thrown in there!

OK so the MAC is dead, the bright side is, that it might be repairable or worst case I get a new MAC! Um while that sounds like fun, it certainly doesn't for my wallet! It's just not in the budget right now. Yeah kids, I know you're growing and need new pants, but mommy needs a new MAC! I'm sure the kids will love that one! The downside - all the pictures and videos I took that still need editing for the blog and website are all on there. The bright side, Apple can probably help us retrieve that, we just may need to give up an arm and leg in exchange. So I am left with pics I have previously posted on the blog

The broken MAC has left Juan looking a bit dejected
I'm a color short for the winter collection. I need to pick one more color! When I started this whole Cult Nails thing I mixed a red polish. Just an ordinary red and decided on Quench instead. But my daughter and her friends and any of my friends who see it, want this creamy red. So I am thinking, just maybe this red? But ugh - I don't want a "plain" color. But Unicorn Puke looks great over it. But ugh - winter - red, does it get any more obvious? What to do.... On the bright side, I sent two more mixes to the lab so it is down to one of three colors. Once I finalize the last color, the winter collection will be set to be put into production.

I think this is the pic of the red - if not it looks an awful lot like this one. So we'll just call it good. LOL!
Then I roll my foot and "stretch a ligament". Such a minor thing, so why is it causing so much pain? The downside - Before the MAC died I bought a new pair of heels, boo - I can't wear them for a few weeks now! The bright side - I get to buy flats since I have nothing besides casual sandals and boots for flats and they are not really work or weather appropriate. The down side - my MAC died, so there is no getting new shoes at the moment. Hmm, guess there really is no bright side to rolling my foot. Darn it - I tried!

I think this is the face I made when I rolled my foot

To make it even more interesting, a few links on one of my favorite bracelets broke! Boo! I got this on JewelMint and I am pretty disappointed that the third time I wore it, I noticed broken links. Not good! I haven't emailed them yet, so not sure if there is a bright side yet - but I am hoping so!

After a week like this you would think that I would be looking a bit like this...

But no, not for me! We have 1,799 likes on the Cult Nails Facebook page as I write this! At 2,000 likes we are giving 1 of every polish in stock to one lucky person! I love give aways - so I am super excited that it will happen soon! If you don't like us on Facebook, I suggest you head there now! I'll be doing the same give away on the Cult Nails Twitter page once we have 2,000 followers there, so if you don't follow us on Twitter - what are you waiting for?

Oh and the week ends on the brightest note EVA! My base coat - Cult Nails Get it On and top coat - Cult Nails Wicked Fast are ready early!!! WAHOOO! I should get my shipping confirmation today and I should have them some time next week! I am so excited to be getting them early! I can't wait! WAHOO! All though I wish that I had them today because tonight I am going to a friends Jewelry party and she wants me to have a Cult Nails table. It would be nice to have them for that, but really - a week early! Heck yeah! 

So in spite of it all, I am jumping for joy - on the one good foot I have!

And of course it's Friday so the weekend will be here before we know it - so all in all, not a bad week!

How has your week been?


  1. OOps..! u take care! ligaments stretches can be painful and need rest. I had a better week than parents came back from canada and got me a big NP looking forward to posting that! tc

  2. Sorry to hear about your foot and your Mac, but I must say this post made me laugh a lot! I loved all of the pictures you used to illustrate your story haha. My favorite part was when you said "I'm jumping for joy on my good foot" ! Good luck with picking the last winter color, I know it'll be a great one!!

  3. Wow, that was some kind of a week! Hope your foot is all healed soon! At least the week ended on a positive note with the top/base coats coming in early...its the small things. I can't wait to see which color you choose to complete the winter collection.

  4. What a week! But attitude truly IS everything and yours is FAB. And red is "obvious" for a reason. It WORKS in a winter collection. Layered with Unicorn Puke? even better!

  5. so sorry you had such a crappy week, but better things may be coming, hang in there!
    And totally unrelated but i'm SOOOO jealous of you legs!!! what do you do to have such toned legs woman!

  6. Dudette! Your positive attitude just rocks my world. I'm really looking forward to trying Get It On and Wicked Fast! So far nothing has ever taken the place of SV for me, so I'm 'wicked' curious about it.

    Oh, and something I gotta tell you - Awakening and Hypnotize Me together are SO AWESOME I COULD CRY! Thank you for yet more gorgeous polish.

  7. This is one funny post!! I am sooooo sorry I missed you last night. It is not my intention to make excuses but I was totally relying on Lori and then all that happened with her hubby - I guess I should have just had it on my calendar! Hope to see you all soon. And sorry your mac broke.. on one other note -- I love that red!!! Should I just call you? I miss you!

  8. so excited to hear about your base & top coat being ready!!!!!!

    <3 ya and so sorry about your computer and foot!!