Saturday, October 8, 2011

And the Winner is...

I know I said I would post the winner yesterday, but I ended up staying late at work and when I got home I grabbed the family and took off to Orlando to go shorts and jeans shopping for my daughter. She is extremely picky about her clothes. The jeans have to be perfectly soft and comfy, the stitching has to be subtle, the fit at the waist has to be perfect (She was blessed with her mom's Puerto Rican bum, so finding a good fit is not easy), they can't be too long, the length has to be perfect and there can't be any designs on the jeans and they can't be flared or skinny. Yeah, I know. She is my opposite when it comes to shopping, I LOVE it - she despises it. She is a natural beauty (lucky girl) and likes the comfy beachy look. Unfortunately the school has changed the dress code and shorts have to come below your fingertips. Which for her means Bermuda shorts and shock - she hates those. The school actually made her put her gym shorts on and turn in her shorts that reached her fingertips (But did not pass and they have to PASS them) in to the guidance department where me or Juan have to go pick up! Ugh! Don't get me started, on this. Actually let me side track a second on this. The school got a LONG email from me and I am setting up a meeting with the principal - and you all know how long winded I can get! Instead of using a totally logical basis for appropriate short length like inseam length, they use fingertip length. Let's just disregard that torso, leg and arm length is different on everyone. OK, OK, I won't go there. But as you can tell I AM NOT HAPPY! ANYWAY so it is a super chore to get pants for her, she likes what she likes, so it takes going to a huge mall and torturing the poor child who despises nothing more than clothes shopping, yet doesn't like mom's style because I buy stuff that is "too fancy", so I can't just go without her, so off we went after work yesterday since we had a yardsale planned for today and beach with friends planned for tomorrow, which meant you guys got put off a day. (Did I mention it is pouring out all weekend and no yard sale today and probably no beach tomorrow either - oh well! What can you do?)

SO there you have my nice long winded excuse for blowing you guys off yesterday. Now for the winner.

First up before I announce the big winner, I need the person who wrote this to contact me:

Lauri said...

In my Awakening of your Iconic polishes, I find them all Enigmatic. And as they Hypnotize Me in a sea of Living Water, I find myself In A Trance. It’s a Vicious cycle, but I’m Always Winning, as my Devious Nature takes over to Let Me Fly, and I find myself Cruisin’ Nude while drinking in the gorgeous color of My Kind of Cool Aid.
I love them all as a true, blue Cultie. Never overdosing as there is never enough; even leading (hopefully soon) to a bout of Unicorn Puke, which is truly Captivating!!(As both of these we know would be a Quench thirster!!)

Amazing right? I am sending her a special prize for her creativity!

Now on to the big winner!!!! After qualifying all the entries we ended up with 376 entries! WOW! selected entry number 296 which is Katherine!

Katherine said...
Not a Cultie yet, but Vicious looks gorgeous!

Katherine will win all the polishes shown above! WAHOO!

Congratulations Lauri & Katherine! If you guys can email me at maria @ with your address information, I will get your prizes out to  you! 

Thank you everyone who entered, stay following us here and on Facebook and on Twitter. I love give-aways so you never know when or where we will do another one!


  1. Wow, Laurie ROCKED that! And congrats to Katherine.

    I TOTALLY understand about the shorts. I am short too and have a short torso. So frustrating. Get 'em Girl!

  2. Wow, Lauri's very creative - that was awesome!
    Congratulations to both Lauri and Katherine!

  3. Wow, Lauri should enter NaNoWriMo next month! ;-)

    And congratulations to Katherine, welcome to the cult! ^_^

  4. What Lauri wrote...was just too awesome for words.

  5. Woohoo! Congrats Katherine!

    I did something (not nearly as awesome) like Lauri before for a contest, and I love love LOVE hers! Too cool!

  6. It's funny, my school had a rule like that, but about skirts. My shorts were SUPER short, but the rule didn't include shorts so I didn't get in trouble. It is a very silly and arbitrary rule, and I think it's a bit sexist and old-fashioned. That they would introduce it now seems very strange to me. And yeah, girls with short arms get to wear thongs to school? :D So silly.


  8. Ah, dress codes. I think your daughter's school had to go with something that could be enforced easily (by just looking at the kids). I certainly would not want them measuring my daughter's inseam whenever they had a concern. Unless it is a safety concern, I don't see why they don't just focus on educating kids and let them make their way through the clothing/identity expression on their own.

  9. wow!! how creative!!
    congrats to the winners! :D

  10. It sounds like your daughter should look into jeans from Earnest Sewn or AG (Adriano Goldschmied) "Stevie". Her specifications are mine too; I don't like any bells and whistles, and I especially dislike when pockets have designs - I find it to look tacky. I like a straight leg jean, and the Stevie fits the bill and looks extremely flattering on many different body types. My one gripe is that they are not made primarily with non-synthetic fibers, but they are soft soft soft, and I actually wore them on an international flight because they are so comfortable. AGs may be found at Anthropologie and maybe NM. The colors change every season, and my favorite is the navy pair that has navy stitching. They also have an Amazing deep teal corduroy Stevie jean right now that is just killer. They stretch, so go down a size.

  11. Very cool, congrats to the winners )

  12. Congrats Katherine!! All those polishes will keep you busy for a while!!:)

    And thanks Maria, for acknowledging my little tribute to your wonderful polishes.(and sending me a prize too!) I'm pretty sure what I expressed are thoughts that many of your followers also share. We all appreciate your gifted creativity with the beautiful colors you bring into our lives. Thank YOU for that!!

  13. Congrats Lauri & Katherine:)