Monday, October 17, 2011

My Mobile Blogging Solution and a Mani

Can I just Geek out and post a totally non nail or beauty related post today? As many of you know my Macbook suffered an untimely death. I won't bore you with all the details, but in the end after a few weeks of going over our options and what would work best for us, we decided on an iMac desktop set up and an iPad2. The iMac has a lot more power than the Macbook did and Juan really wanted the desktop vs the laptop. So we knew we definitely were getting the desktop. We had already been saving to get him one, so we just had to do it a bit sooner than we wanted. As for me I wanted a new laptop. Screw the tech crap, I just prefer a laptop! I had zero interest in getting an iPad2, which to me was just a glorified iPhone. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE my iPhone. I love everything it can do and in a pinch I can do a blog post from it. So why the heck would I need an iPad2? Well I quickly learned that while the iPad2 lacks some of the features I can get in a Macbook, it has some other great features that make up for it.

I actually plan on doing a post/video that shows how you can truly take blogging mobile with you! I am such a darn fangirl now - it's redic! I can't believe I went from one side of the fan camp to the other so quickly. Maybe because it's still so new to me?
Anyway what I learned is the cost of getting an iPad is not just getting an iPad. You have to figure out how much memory you want and do you need 3G and if you do, do you want Verizon or AT&T? Do you want the bluetooth keyboard and oh don't forget to get a cover to protect the front and a skin or case to protect the back!
I grabbed a cover and keyboard with my iPad right away. Most of the admin, sales and management staff at my work have moved to tablets for ease of work life. I did no research, I just knew what I had seen around the office. My daughter has an iPad too, so there wasn't much research I needed to do in that department. But as for the cover and keyboard option, I just grabbed what I thought would work best for me from what they had at the store at the time. I bet a bunch of people do the same thing.
Cute right? But when I leave the house, I don't bring the keyboard, because it is just to flimsy to carry on it's own. Then I get nervous about the back of my iPad2 getting all scratched up. (I ordered a skin, but it came defective. No bueno!) But I would just slide my iPad in my laptop bag when I went off to work so I could have the iPad during lunch. It's been great having a bigger space to respond to Cult Nails emails and keeping up with Facebook and Twitter during my lunch hour! I was nervous about putting my iPad in my purse and thought, maybe if I just get a new purse? Or maybe I'll just carry it in my hands and be super careful so I don't drop it. But I knew I was going to have to figure something else out real soon. But for now, no worries. To add to the downside of the iPad2 was that if I wanted to sit on the couch with my tablet and keyboard it would make it near impossible. I can't balance the iPad on my lap while balancing the keyboard on my lap too. Grrr, My co-workers Acer tablet had an attachable keyboard and it's an Acer - Apple had to have something right?
Then while online I found the ZAGGfolio. It looked like it was exactly what I was looking for. So I started researching and comparing and didn't find many reviews on the ZAGGfolio. I did find some customer service issues with ZAGG which I had to agree with based on previous experiences with them. I will simply say I do not recomend their custom phone skins or protectors. I will leave it at that. ANYWAY in the end customer service issues and lack of reviews aside, I felt that the ZAGGfolio was my best option and so I bit the bullet and ordered it.
I love that I can just put it on my lap and work. Another plus is that I can easily slide the iPad2 in and out of the case. Which is great if I just want to use it in Tablet mode. The downside? I'm a girl - and a girly girl at that. This is not sleek or blingy. It is rather rugged and manly if you ask me. But it does the job and I will figure out a way to bling it out. You just wait and see! But I am just so ecstatically happy with this!
But seriously, if you need a mobile blogging set up, I highly suggest getting the iPad2 or checking out some other tablet options that might work for you. Or maybe Juan is right and I'm just an early adapter, but I disagree since I held off over a year before breaking down and getting one. OK, OK enough of this WAY off normal topic post. Let's get back to nails...
This is a black jelly polish I tried to make with Devious Nature on my ring finger. The backdrop is my ZAGGfolio! It makes the perfect backdrop! LOL! Oh and did I mention I did this entire post while sitting in a salon getting a pedicure? Yuppers
Are you gagging from my lame review or did this help you at all in any way? Did you add the iPad2 to your Holiday/Bday/Anniversary wish list?


  1. I got my iPad2 Friday as a belated birthday prezzie to myself ;) I bought the Belkin folio with keyboard and I am loving it!

  2. I bought myself the ipad2 for my bday last april-and then started my blog with it! It is the greatest invention in a long time! Make sure you get the iOS5 software upgrade-I also got a case similar to yours but from Best Buy for about $60.

  3. Ive been thinking about doing a similar manicure! :)