Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anthony Robbins Basket Brigade

Some of you may already know that I joined the Anthony Robbins Basket Brigade this last weekend. A lovely girl by the name of Jacqueline put it together in our area.  A good friend of mine sent me an email asking if I wanted to get involved. She sent me the list of everything that was still needed and I couldn't believe how many items they still needed. I immediately emailed Jacqueline and she asked if I could get about 40 turkeys. I agreed without hesitation. Later as I was standing there at Wal-Mart picking up the turkeys, I realized how ironic it was that a vegetarian was donating all those turkeys! Who am I to judge! LOL
Look at all those turkeys!
I feel as if I have been so fortunate this year. I took a leap of faith and started Cult Nails and while I am still working a full time job, for me Cult Nails has thus far been a success. If it continues to grow at this pace, I may be able to quit my job by the end of next year and make my dream of working for myself a reality. In the meantime, I feel you get back in this life what you put into it. I love making people happy. I love making a difference, even if it's just a small difference in others lives. With the Super Powers collection having done so well in pre-sale, I felt that we could take that and make a difference in the lives of several families. Even if it is just a small difference that allows them to sit together over a Thanksgiving meal this coming Thursday.
Juan and Me

SO today I am thankful to all of you who have made this possible and I am thankful for Jacqueline who put this whole thing together. I'm also thankful for all the volunteers that showed up on Saturday to make baskets and deliver them to over 80 families in our community. I love seeing a community come together! I hope to be able to do things like this more often in 2012.
How'd this picture get in there? LOL! Juan left the Basket Brigade for about an hour so he could bring all these to the post office. Round 1 of 3 of the pre-sales. Round 2 went to the post office yesterday and if all goes well the final round goes to the post office today!


  1. how awesome! reading this gave me the chills. I'm out of work after being laid off after nearly ten years, so I know what you're going thru. congrats on your success and being able to make such a selfless donation that will touch so many lives.

  2. Thank you for giving back, and SO generously. That is the kind of person I want to support with my hard earned dollars, and the kind of person I want to be like. Not to mention your polish is TEH AWESOME! I can't wait to get my Super Powers polishes.

  3. Feels nice to know I contributed in a small way too