Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Manicure - LATE

I had scheduled this post to hit the day before Halloween and just realized it's still sitting there. So I re-scheduled it for today instead!

Happy Halloween everyone! Just a super quick post today. We spent a lot of time relaxing this weekend with friends and it was exactly what I needed!
Saturday night we sat around frankening and creating some polishes and I created this orange fleck with some gold fleck throughout it. I thought I could use it under a crackle polish for a quick and easy halloween manicure. It's a little too orange for my taste, but if this was more of a burnt orange - it would be perfect.
But under a crackle it works perfectly! I haven't really worn any of my crackles since they came out, so it was fun for me. I am starting to think I might actually need a crackle in my line as a "basic" color. This one I used was very matte when dry. I wonder if I could get it to be super shiny. Maybe that would be the way for me to get my own crackle...

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, I love the orange. The glass fleck is gorgeous! It looks great under the crackle, too. But I'm not so sure you need one in your line. It seems like EVERY nail polish brand has a crackle these days and it feels sort of played out to me. I would rather you use the spot the crackle would take up with a really cool, unique, Maria color! That is just my opinion, though (well, obviously!).