Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nail Strips?

As I look to enhance the Cult product offerings, I have been looking at nail strips. These would be more of an "accessory" type product for the line. Mainly, I would love to wear these, but since I am really focusing on wearing only Cult products, I want to get some. I like the idea of the designs these offer and the potential wear on them. I have tried several and none have been what I am looking for. I think I may have found a winner though. But I am wear testing them, so I don't know 100% yet. It will be several months before I know if I have a winner. First off I have to test each of the different types. Some are designs, some have glitter, some are all glitter and some are all solid. They wear up to 14 days, so this could be a long tortureous test for someone like me who likes to change my manicure often.

I know nail strips have been around for a while. But I haven't tried them yet. But what I like is that these are real nail polish strips. They are stretchable, so I was able to stretch out the middle finger to fit perfectly. I also then took one that was too big on the ring finger and filed around it. I want to see optional ways of using these and how they would work. I didn't use a base or top coat, and that is really weird for me. I wanted to use both so bad. I can't feel them on my nails at all, but knowing they are strips, I feel like they're going to peel. Let's see what happens. I keep getting asked for these from friends and family and a lot of people I randomly meet along the way, so I think this would be a perfect addition to our product offerings.

I am loving this design! I can't stop staring at my nails! My daughter wanted to wear these and I had to block her! Oh no - this design was made for me! Thank you very much! LOL

8 - Today I am thankful for Marie Claire Magazine. I have a ton of magazine subscriptions, but one of my absolute favorites is Marie Claire. I can read through that magazine in a sitting. I love that it includes real life reads along with fashion. I especially love the "What I Love About Me" feature each month. (Hey Marie Claire! You need to come where I live, the girls here are cute & fashionable!) But the Marie Claire @ Work addition that I received yesterday, was the best yet! I enjoyed a nice hot bath, a glass of wine and my Marie Claire last night. The perfect evening.


  1. Those nail strips are gorgeous! Hope you'll be able to add them to your products soon :)

  2. If you carry them, this is one hot design!

  3. love em! put me down for an order when its time!!!

  4. That's a very pretty design! Hope you get strips! I'm also wearing nail strips for the first time right now. I want to see how long they would last & everything is looking perfect as I enter day 8.

  5. I love this design! I would definitely wear them. Two other cool ideas I'd like to see in nail polish strips are peacock feathers and butterfly wings. I've seen nail art with these designs, but I could never draw them myself!