Thursday, November 10, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Here is an outfit I wore last week. I love this outfit! I can't wait to wear it again!

Lace shirt from Francesca's Collection. Similar style here
Navy blazer from The Gap. Similar style here
Ankle jeans from Forever 21
Heels (that inspired Power Thief) from Carlos Santana
Bag from Jigsaw-London
Necklace from Francesca's collection. Similar style here
Earrings from Claire's?
Bracelets from Alex & Ani 

10 - Today I am thankful for my body. Sounds strange I know, but 3 months ago I decided to get serious about working out. But it took over 2 months for me to get serious! I thought paying for the gym each month might make me more accountable. I started with a weekly Pilates class that I look forward to all week.  It took a little while for the rest to kick in, but for the last three weeks, I have been serious. I have been taking these Strong classes and they kick my butt every time. But I find that I am looking forward to them all day long the three days each week that I take them! I used to work out a lot, and I have dabbled in and out for the last year, which many of you know. But I think I found the kick for me. It's a struggle to push my body to the next level, but I feel so good when I am done and I am already in just three weeks starting to see subtle changes taking place. So today I am thankful for the body that is pushing me through this and enjoying the hard work! Tonight it's beach walk night. I'll walk about 3 miles or so and it is so hard on the sand, yet so refreshing! Oh and did I mention, I haven't had but a handful of headaches in the last three weeks? Hmmm is there a connection? I think so! Wish me luck for continued working out success! Should we start a club and help hold each other accountable?


  1. You look great! and of course, headaches and stress can be relieved with sports, because now your body has a way of releasing the tension... I know I feel better when I work out so I do regularly, but to be honest, I HATE physical exercise when it's not functional (biking to work, running for the bus etc). So you are right to be happy with your body. :) Good for you!

  2. That's great you've gotten on a schedule! I wish you good luck! I love exercise's effects on my body and attitude. Unfortunately I'm bad at sticking to a routine. Maybe we should make that club! :)