Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Polish Extras for our Black Friday Sale

OK so many of you caught that there were some unusual polishes in this photo:

Early on when the Cult was very small I made a deal with the lab. (Sounds funny!) I was able to purchase just 100 bottles of a polish with a promise to buy the rest of the color within a year or they could sell my color. Well we all know now they can sell my color anyway - sneaky sneaky. But regardless I bought a few colors in 100 bottle increments as a test. I thought I could just add another 100 here and there as we got more sales. I wanted to reserve this option for the more basic colors. The colors that wouldn't be an issue over. Now I'm have a few colors that ended up morphing into other colors or I'm just undecided on. So Juan doesn't continue to bug me about "wasting money", I decided to include them in our Black Friday sale to get rid of them. (Hopefully). IF there is a huge demand, I may stock those colors as part of our line. I just haven't decided yet. Because they are so few, the three colors I am going to show you will have a limit of 1 per customer. And seriously if there is a demand, I will make it a core part of the collection in the future. I'm sure you will all let me know! :)

Enough talk - want to see the colors?

The yellow is Feel Me Up. There is a funny story behind this one. First I'll explain, the picture is not the best for color accuracy. This color is the exact color of a buttercup to me. So below is a picture of a Buttercup. That is exactly the color of this polish! I wanted a buttercup colored polish soooo bad, so you have no idea how much I love this one. But it just never seems like the right time to release it. I have collections thought out through Sept and no where does this fit. So maybe it is just getting released now?

So anyway - before we get to the Feel Me Up story, let me tell you a little more about this polish. This is from when I was on my jelly with a creme finish kick. (AKA Quench and Awakening). So the first coat is very sheer, this is three coats to get to full opacity. On the bright side it is not streaky like many yellows. I am wearing it with Get It On base coat and no top coat. 

Now on to the name. I told John we needed to call this one Fill Me Up. He gave me a funny look and so I sang: "Fill me up, buttercup..." and he laughed and said um it's "Feel me up, buttercup". Then I laughed. Feel me up? Seriously? There is no way, so we looked it up and it's "Build me up, buttercup" Oops! We were both wrong! But Feel Me Up stuck! 
Love buttercups. I don't know why. They remind me of my childhood. I remember picking them by the handfuls and putting them in dixie cups in my room. I loved how smooth and shiny they are and how delicate and tiny and the color! WOW! 

On to te next one. This is the one I call smurf blue. In real life it is not so vibrant. It is a bit softer with some purple undertones. My camera just can't handle taking pictures of these bright colors for some reason. This is really close to what it looks like though, so I let it go. I kept mixing this one and ended up with Time Traveler, so I just let this one go. But now looking at this picture - WOW! This one we decided to name it Tied Up. John and his dad thought it went well with Feel Me Up and Black Out. They even joked that we should name the bad Devious Nature Rufi. Sick humor. Kind of funny at first, but having been ruffied before, I find no humor in it. I will tell you this - DO NOT EVER lose sight of your drink at a club. EVER! I was lucky, I had the where with all to call Juan right away and got home safely thanks to a friend. But it is still very very scary. But that's a story for another time. So no we will not be naming the bad DN Rufi. 

As for application, this one is the same with the first coat being sheer and this being the second coat taking care of that. Now for me I can do Quench and Awakening in two coats, but I know a lot of people say they need three coats. So I will call this a three coater. I do my first coat a little on the thin side and then once that dries I do the second coat a little on the heavy side. Just my technique. You might prefer three thin coats. 

The final color in the line up is Black Out. Not quite black, more of a slate grey. In my mind I was thinking of all the lights going out and there being a black out. Everything is kind of hazy but not exactly black. In Juan's mind, it was someone blacking out. LOL funny how a name can mean different things to different people. I love love love this color. I wear it all the time! I have frankened so many colors with this one. It is not all unique, but it was a must have in my line. I frankened this one to Mind Control and I have another version with gold to green shimmer, and that one WILL be released one day! So since I really love this one, I think it will become part of the core line eventually. But I wore this one so much and frankened with it so much, I think I am down to about 80 bottles. Well maybe 85 or 90, but I need to hold some back. I just can't part with all of them. So sad, I know!

Application on this one is again sheer on the first coat and opaque on the second. (maybe third for you.) I told you I was on a kick with the jelly at first with an opaque creme finish. I think I might be done with that kick. Well maybe not, I really love how those colors turn out!

Lastly is the Bad Devious Nature. We thought about renaming this one, but in the end, it would have been WAY too much work. Believe me we know! When Clairvoyant came it arrived as Claire Voyant! I was sooo pissed! The lab tried to tell us to sell it as a mistake. Not happening, we made them send us the correct labels and sat there and paid friends to help us remove all the labels and put the new labels on. NOT FUN! So when faced with this task for the bad DN, we just didn't have it in us. SO we will either have a bingo dot over the bottom label or a line through it. Something. Yeah, we plan on doing that today, so we'll see which way works best. Probably just a line through it. 

Here are the differences between the real Devious Nature and the impostor. On the index and ring finger is the real Devious Nature. On the middle finger and pinky is the bad batch. The lab tried to tell us that this is an acceptable range. Um I don't think so! Not only is the color off, I only need one maybe two coats of the original. This new one is more like the polishes above. Very sheer in the first coat and covers in two coats. But in the photo you can see some VNL (Visible nail line) so I probably could have used three. The color has NO purple base. It is straight up bubble gum pink! Which is great, but not my Devious Nature! There are PLENTY of this bad batch. So you can order 100 if the mood strikes you on this one! LOL! 
Phew! What a post! So anyway, These will all be available for our Black Friday sale, but I have no idea how long it will last. And as a reminder, Feel Me up, Tied Up and Black Out will be 1 per person. If you order more than one, we will refund you any that you ordered more than the one. We want to keep it as fair as possible for everyone who might want it. Sound fair? Cool! Good luck to those who want one of these colors. If you miss out and must have these colors, let us know via Twitter, Facebook or Email so we know to buy more if there is enough interest. Fair enough? Cool!


  1. Oooooh, I am loving these. Bad Devious Nature has my named written all over it. I got my Clarivoyant in the mail a few days ago and couldn't be happier. Woot!

  2. I don't think I'd forgive myself if I didn't get Black Out. That one made my heart stop and has my name written allllll over it!

  3. Oh wow - so...when will this sale start? This is one I will set my alarm for if needed to get in on it.

  4. Can I tell you how freaking excited I am for that yellow. I only wish we could order more so I can hoard it. And the slate grey? and the blue? and the devious nature bad batch, which I call Deviant Nature, which since you said we can order by the hundreds I'm going to definitely hoard. I haven't been this excited for a sale since the original RBL half off sale. And that my friend is NO joke.

  5. Just got my order placed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  6. damn! wish I'd seen this when I was ordering I woulda unloaded a time traveler off you too! ah well.

  7. just saw this for the 1st time today. Sadly missed the sale because I was out of town at a family get-together. I see these are "sold out"...have you decided if you're adding them to the permanent line-up?

  8. So... I'm a bit late to the Cult Nails phenomenon but am quickly getting on board! (Just put through my first order and am super excited!) I would just like to add in a word that both Feel Me Up and Tied Up are AWESOME!! Especially Feel Me Up! I'm hoping you had a good response to these and are at least considering bringing them into the perm. line because I LOVE them, I would definitely purchase them! Do It! =) Okay, at least consider it... =) I'll keep my fingers crossed!