Friday, November 4, 2011

Pre- Sale Going on now!

By popular request, we decided to offer the Super Power collection on Pre-sale. We will still be doing a Thanksgiving sale, but decided on doing the presale for those who wanted to ensure they got their polishes. We are only offering pre-sale as a collection for now. And yes this is the best price, it will be a little more over the Thanksgiving sale and then back to regular price for a while. We will be sending the pre-sale polishes out on November 29th at the latest. We should have the polishes in hand by the 25th, so that gives us time to wrap them and get everyone's packages together.

Time Traveler: The perfect royal navy opaque jelly! It is a polish full of contradictions! It applies like a jelly but is opaque in just two coats. I say royal navy because depending on the light it will pull royal blue or navy tones. It's the perfect twist on the vampy colors we all wear during the cooler months. I knew this color would be part of our collection one day, but it was a matter of when. But once I posted this one up on Facebook, it was evident that it needed to be part of the Super Powers collection.

Clairvoyant over Time Traveler.

Power Thief: This is a color that I did for me and only me. LOL. I found a pair of shoes that are a taupey brown color with the silver/pink/blue shimmer that is in Let Me Fly and My Kind of Cool Aid and just had to have those shoes. Even more I needed to make those shoes into a polish! The end result is a milk chocolate brown polish with amazing shimmer.

Clairvoyant over Power Thief. I honestly did not think that Clairvoyant would look good over Power Thief but it looked friggin' Amazing!

Mind Control: This was the hardest to capture on film. In person this ones leans more magenta than purple. But for some reason everytime I took the picture it wanted to lean purple. GRRR! I need to try this again when the sun comes out.

I haven't been able to capture the color shift you see in the bottle on the nail. I do capture the magenta to purple, but if you look closely there is green in there too. But it's not apparent on the nail. So bummed. Although when I created the color I didn't even attempt to put that green in there. That was just part of the shimmer I used, and afterwards I thought, darn it, that would have been cool to show up on the nail too. Maybe next time! LOL

Clairvoyant over Mind Control

And here is Clairvoyant(formerly Unicorn Puke). The star of the show. From left to right there is one coat on the index finger, two coats on the middle finger, three on the ring finger and 4 on the pinky.

So there you have it - the Super Powers Collection. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to and reserve your set now!(It's the featured item on the left of our shop)

Oh and 4 days late - but I wanted to post 30 days of things I am thankful for like I am seeing so many others do. So I will do a recap on the first three days, since I am late, but the 4th thing I am thankful for is all the Culties! You guys have no idea how amazing you are! I am thankful for so many women (and men) who are loving what I do and allowing me to make my dreams come true! Thank you! 


  1. This was actually my first order from you, and I can't wait for them! I have been an admirer for a long time and one I got the email last night I was hooked; I stayed up to order them! Thank you for bringing such an amazing polish to us!

  2. Wow. Another stellar group! I think I'm going to have to break my no-buy and pick up this set. Besides, who could pass up a collection that's super power themed?! Well done, Maria.

  3. It's my first order aswell, so excited, I've been waiting on this collection before placing my order. Oh and I'm so glad Captivated is coming back I missed out before as glitter scared me a bit then and I've had major regrets since.

  4. This was my first order as well. I don't know why I waited so long to order but I just had to have this collection. Going to be placing another order soon.

  5. You GOTTA go to SonomaNailArt and see her "Unicorn Puke" mani! It. Is. Hilarious!!!!!

  6. Made my pre order last night! I was soo excited about Time Traveler and Clairvoyance, but the other two were also pretty. The pre sale price is also too good to pass up~ These will be my first Cult Nails polishes, and I am super excited :D

  7. I made my preorder sale too! Good luck with your sale! I just love your collections!

  8. Good timing on my part, as I checked this weekend just to see if there was news, and found out about the pre-sale. Very awesome, plus I picked up a bottle of Living Water, as I'd meant to one of these days anyway. Thanks for having this!

  9. I'm so excited to have found Cult Nails! Clairvoyant (aka Unicorn Puke) is calling to me!