Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sale Has Ended!

WOW! What a sale! We have so many more new Culties now! Welcome to the Cult everyone! I'm so in awe of how many orders we got! We have a lot of work ahead of us!

We packed all the international orders received by mid day Monday last night, since with the customs paperwork and everything, these tend to take a long time for each order. We may have a few more of those to pack tonight if any more came in and then we will take all those to the post office tomorrow.

We got everything set up to pack all the other orders. We printed a bunch of QR codes and the prize ones. Now once we get a count of how many orders actually came in we will stick those QR codes in all the boxes so that it is totally random when we fill the orders. We want to make sure everyone has an equal chance to win and that all prizes are given out, so we had to wait until the sale ended to process any orders. Let the packing mayhem begin! LOL! We will actually start packing orders when we get home from work tonight.

I keep seeing a two questions pop up. 1st, will Clairvoyant be available again and if so at the sale price? Yes it will be available again, but no we will not honor the weekend sale price. The sale was for all in stock items only. Sorry. But we love sales, so that doesn't mean it won't go on sale again. I just can't tell you when at this time.

The other is do we send shipping notifications. Yes we do. When we send the order, Paypal will automatically send you a shipping notification. YAY! For international orders, we have to manually enter all the shipping information, so sometimes that is a day or two behind as we are usually busy packing orders and updating all at the same time. But you will receive a shipping notification. If you pay using Paypal, you can log into your paypal account at any time for a status update as well. I also typically post on Facebook and Twitter when we are done packing and shipping orders. If we do that and you did not receive a notification, check your spam and if you still have nothing, please contact us! I would hate to miss an order! It hasn't happened yet, and hopefully it never will.

As for my mani - I'm still wearing Blackout with Clairvoyant on top. It is the start of day 5 with this mani and I have very little tip wear. With all the packing ahead of me, I have a feeling, it'll be my mani for the rest of the week too! Hope you all have a great day!


Blackout with one coat of Clairvoyant on top - on my new stubbies.


  1. Hi! Just wanna say thank you for another wonderful nail polish collection! I recived my today, so beautiful! And it took only 6 days to arrive to me in Sweden! Thanks again.

  2. i appreciate all the hard work that you put into your Cult nail polishes Maria ! i already received mine and i was super happy, as a matter of fact today i posted my review & swatches of the collection :D

  3. so happy for your success! clairvoyant really is a brilliant color and I'm glad to be a new "cultie"

  4. I saw that of the four maybe colors three are sold out, does that mean that these colors will be joining the main line of colors? I didn' t order them myself as I don't think they would look good on me but the yellow looked very pretty, if yellow had suited my skin tone I would have ordered it.

  5. If you need help packing I'd be more than happy to help you!! :))