Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You to all our Veteran's

Today here in the U.S. it is Veteran's Day. It is a day for us to remember those who have fought for our country's freedom. I think most countries have a similar holiday and I believe today Canada remembers their Veteran's as well.

Our country was built thanks to soldiers fighting for our freedom. I do not take this lightly. Many people are against any wars, but this country would not be here if not for the battles waged and won. In order to continue to grow and maintain our freedom, we unfortunately have to keep fighting for it. It is sad that in this day and age, we still have to fight to stay free. We are civilized human beings, why can't everyone just live and let live? Unfortunately there is still a huge need for our military, maybe more now than ever before.

But today is a day to honor and remember those that have paved the way for us. Those men and women who fought (or maybe just aided those who fought) for our freedoms. I know so many heartbreaking stories of men and women who left for that fight and never came home or came home incomplete is some way or another. My heart aches for those families and yet I am thankful I am not one of them. Our soldiers are brave enough to enter the military not knowing what their future will bring, but knowing they are fighting for all those who live in our country, to live how they want to live - free! They leave behind their spouses, children, parents, families and friends, not know if it will be the last time they get to hug them and tell them "I love you". Their bravery allows the rest of us to stay behind and live free. It allows those who protest, that very right and yet knowing this, they still do it willingly for those individuals just like they do for the rest of us.

They have become brothers and sisters with those fighting next to them and take a bullet to save the life of someone they maybe just met. They have risked not walking their little girl down the aisle one day, or not being there to see their son graduate. They have risked not ever having the opportunity to find love and create a family. They have risked not being by their families side in times of need or times of joy.

Many came home to a life very different than the one they left. Adjusting to missing body parts, burns or worse nightmares. I have a friend who waged a war with drugs just to stop the nightmares. I have a friend who waged a war with alcohol just to stop the nightmares. Our veteran's go through so much just so we can stay free. Today I am thankful for our Veteran's! Every day I am thankful for our Veteran's. I am also thankful for all the soldiers here and abroad who are fighting by doing their job, whatever that job may be in the military, all so I can have the freedom to live my life - The American Dream! While our government may not be perfect, for those who see the potential and know it's worth the fight, I thank you, I salute you, I give you a standing ovation and yet none of that comes close to being enough.

For all of you who have lost a loved one, who have been married or are married to a soldier or veteran. I thank you too, because I know how hard it is to stand beside that soldier never knowing when or if he will get that call to duty. Thank you!

I hope everyone takes a moment to remember all those who have fought for you and your freedom.

Happy Veteran's Day!


  1. in Poland we have Independence Day today :-)

  2. I'm right there with you, I'm so thankful for our Veterans. And very proud of the members of my family who have and are serving.