Thursday, December 15, 2011

I managed one post last week and it seems the same fate is upon us for this week. I have to say we have been so busy. I don't think that is going to change any time soon! LOL I think I have been saying that almost a year now. I should be used it. But throw in the Holiday shopping that needs to get done along with the parties and I am just all over the place! Last night we did some more shopping, this time for the girls friends. Today during my lunch hour, I go armed to the mall to "finish" some shopping. At least I hope I can finish it!
One of the colors from the upcoming Let's Get Nekkid Collection in early Feb!

Tonight John has made me promise that we work on the site and get the shirts on there. Hey what am I going to do - watch him put them on there? I already took the pictures! Why is that man being so lazy? Ha! Totally just kidding, he has been as busy as I have been!

Our to do list tonight - post the shirts online. Since I only bought 1 of a few styles just for me and some people want those styles, we are working with the t-shirt people and are going to do a pre-order for a week and then place everyone's order at one time. The shirts are kinda pricey, so I don't want to over order and be stuck with a bunch of t-shirts. This way there is no risk of that or of selling out. I am in shock that you guys want our t-shirts! I think it is so awesome! I'm wicked excited about it!
When your at the Nekkid Beaches watch out for Toxic Seaweed! Yup we are keeping this one and releasing it with the Let's Get Nekkid Collection in early Feb

I think I'm going to do a small sale along with the t-shirt pre-sale. However, if I do that it will be seperate from the t-shirt sale. See we won't have the t-shirts before Christmas, so we can't guarantee delivery before the holidays. So if you order the polishes with the t-shirt and pay one shipping charge, then they will ship together. If you want the polish to arrive before Christmas, then you would have to order them seperately. Let's see how I can word that on the site!

Oh back to the to do list - John has to check his PA system and make sure its a go for my work holiday party tomorrow night - nothing like waiting til the last minute dude! Then we need to put songs on a thumbdrive for the guy bringing most of the music, so he can add our music to his music. That should take no time at all right? LOL!
Need my sneaks for all the running around I'm doing! OMG - are my feet really that big? WOW!

So hmmm seems like John's the busy one tonight! Well actually I have to get Scandalous Ange's post up, respond to some customer support emails, figure out where my daughter is going tomorrow night - still! get some other posts together, and there was one other thing....darn it I forgot what it was! Yikes! Hope I remember!

How about you guys? Are you crazy busy with the holidays too?
Haooy Holidays!


  1. I cannot wait for your Nude collection. Can we get one for the darkbrown girls? PWEASE! lmao
    Try to have some time to relax

  2. I really love that green, not to keen on that nude though. It looks really sheer and too yellow toned for me :(

  3. Exciting! I'm loving the theme! And the toxic seaweed looks great, as does the light beige gold. Really pretty. :D Have fun holiday shopping!

  4. OMG I love the Toxic Seaweed! Gorgeous!

  5. SOOO excited for the 'toxic seaweed' color!!!!!