Friday, December 30, 2011

My Favorite Manicures From 2011

I was looking through my pictures, and decided to do a post of my favorite manicures from 2011. These are in no particular order.

1. This manicure was done by my daughter when I wasn't feeling well. I laid in bed half asleep while she did my nails for me. Just for sentimental value alone, this is one of my favorites!

 2. I actually have this picture hanging in my room. I LOVE this manicure. It is an early version of Cruisin' Nude, before we added the shimmer to it. But my nails here! WOW! I just love the length and shape! I just reshaped my short nails towards this shape, and am in the process of going back to this length.

 3. This is what happens when you let the above shape continue to grow! These were daggers for sure, but I let them grow like this so I could do something funky for the Lady Gaga concert last April. In the end I ended up with this glitter fade manicure because I felt the nails were enough on their own! LOL!

4. Messing around mixing some green polishes, I went for this very understated stamping manicure. I really can't pull off these types of greens, but I loved this manicure!

5. This was another stamp creation. I painted my nails yellow and then topped them with a stamp in orange. I really loved the effect of the "reversed" stamp look! It's perfect for the summer!

 6. My rocker girl manicure. I LOVE this one. I keep wanting to redo it, and never do. I think this will be my first manicure after the new year! This was supposed to be inspired by the snake print manicures, but I think it came out more rocker chic instead!

7. The snake print manicure. This one really came out closer to the snake print look.  Loved this manicure!

 8. The gilded in gold manicure. I took Blackout and mixed in some greenish gold shimmer. (Which may one day make it to a Cult Nails polish.) Then I placed gold flecks down the middle of my nails. I love this manicure, my nails are a bit shorter now, but I think this will be my New Year's Eve manicure!

9. The polish that started it all. My Kind of Cool Aid. This doesn't need a fancy design or anything. This is my usual nail shape and length, and with this color it is just perfection! Love it! 

What do you think of my choices? What were your favorite manicures of 2011?


  1. Absolutley love numbers 5 &6!!!!!

  2. Love them all but 8 and 9 are my favourite!
    You sure can rock any nail shape!!!!