Monday, December 19, 2011


I can't believe I have been sitting on this for so long! It has been so busy I haven't had a quiet moment to really post this. But finally today, I bring you a post from Scandalous Ange! WAHOO!

On the downside, some of these colors were very limited edition. But I will comment on her post along the way if need be. I'll put my comments in red so you know it's me. But now without further adeau let the Scandy begin!

Testing! Attention Please! (feel the tension soon as someone
mentions me?) Here's my ten cents, my two cents is free. A nuisance,
who sent...You sent for me?

Ok, earworm and (jokingly) inflated ego aside, I'm extremely thankful
Maria offered to let me guest post on here. In the time I've stopped
blogging a lot has changed. I've gotten rid of probably 80% of my
stash, and that is part of the reason I'm here to blog for you today.
If I were to post a photo of what remains of my stash the predominant
brand you would see are Lippmann...and Cult Nails. Cult Nails
actually now tops my Lippmann collection (lol see what I did there?).
I emailed Maria to tell her she rocks my socks and she was super sweet
and offered to let me come on here and tell you all why I'm a Cultie
(everytime I say that I feel like I'm saying I'm some weirdo Branch
Davidian or that I walk around in a cloak. I don't. Unless you count
my sons' Buzz Lightyear Snuggies. Buzz Lightyear Snuggies, the new
official cloak of Culties around the world). Whoa sorry for the
derail, lets Get it On, shall we?

Feel Me Up- This polish I would have bought just for the name, but
for those of you who remember my blog, yellow is a color I can't turn
down. Add in squishy jelly-creme finish to yellow, and I'm sold. I

really hope this becomes a permanent color.

I hope to make Feel Me Up part of our permanent line. It is just a timing and financial issue
right now. Once I can figure out where to fit it in, I will bring it back!

BlackOut- I can see why Maria didn't want to sell her whole stash of 
this in the sale. I don't do black polish, but this slate grey is 

This one will definitely be coming back - I just don't know when. Hopefully sooner than later!
This is my all time favorite basic color! It's a creme even though in this photo it shows some 
shimmer. Ange obviously has an amazing camera and photography skills. I can sometimes 
that shimmer in person, but most of the time it looks like a creme.

Tied Up- This is another I would have bought for the name, but the 
cornflower blue jelly had me chomping at the bit before I ever saw the 
name. I'm quite picky about the blues I will wear. They either have 
to be dark and VERY jelly or any finish in the cornflower area.

Same as the other two. This one will probably come back sometime in the summer. 
I guess timing is everything right? 

Now, I know you've all been recently inundated with photos on blogs of 
the new Super Powers collection, but I have to get in on this. I 
pre-ordered two whole sets of this collection. Clairvoyant and Power 
Thief were screaming my name. (I was one of the unfortunates who 
found out Unicorn Puke was on sale *after* it sold out lol) so I made 
darn sure I didn't miss Clairvoyant.

I'm pretty sure Maria is using some kind of Super Power, because my 
first full manicure from this set was neither of the ones I was most 
excited about. Once I swatched Mind Control and saw that purple 
glitter shimmer I went nutso. So, either Maria is really using mind 
control, or this nasty weather has me going for colors way darker than 
I tend to, either way I'm smitten.

Sadly, I do have one polish that didn't have me head over heels: Time 
Traveler. I know this one is going to be a crowd favorite, but in 
order for me to not feel self conscious I need my dark blues super 
jelly. Like I said, I'm very weird about blues.

Ok, so there are my swatches, but what I really really wanted to talk 
to you all about is Get it On. Y'all this stuff is the business. 
Part of the reason I'm no longer blogging is my nail quality went to 
the outhouse this past year. My health went wacky and my medicine 
made my nails just complete and utter horsecrap. My beloved (and 
ridiculously expensive) Launchpad wasn't even helping my nails. Most 
of the time they were filed down to the quick from March until 
recently. That all turned around when I got some of Maria's basecoat.
My nails are clearly not what they were last year when I was blogging, 
but when you consider that at Halloween, my nails were filed down to 
the quick (for the last time to remove a bit more damage) I think you 
all will agree that it has given my nails a complete turnaround. I'm 
still struggling with damage on my thumbnail, some peeling and whatnot 
that I'm not sure will ever remedy unless I change medicines, but if 
that's the worst problem I have you better believe I'll thank my lucky 
stars and continue to hoard Get it On.

I want to thank Maria so much for the offer to guest post. I've 
really missed blogging and talking to y'all but I'm just not up for 
the committment of full time blogging. Walking away was hard to do, I 
felt like I was letting you all down, but at the moment it was my only 
option. Hopefully I'll be seeing you all on the flipside, and hurry 
up and buy those special edition colors so I can talk Maria into 
making them permanent!

I have to say, I interact with some Culties via email, and I get many compliments
on my polish and each time it is like the first time. I get so excited to hear what people 
think. It pushes me forward on the tough days of making this business a reality. But reading 
Ange's post, I really almost cried. I loved her blog, I was so sad to see it go. I love her 
honesty and her sense of humor. So from the bottom of my heart - thank you Ange
for guest posting on my blog! I hope to share this space with you again soon!


  1. Awesome post. That's my girl! Maria, seriously that yellow is the bomb.

  2. Awww, I miss Ange's posts too, but it's way way more important for her to work on health and such! Hear that Ange? You stay as healthy as you can darnit!

    And I'm so very much a Cultie as well, these polishes are hands down the best I've ever had, and not a fail in the bunch so far. Yes, this means I own all of them. Muahahahaha! Wicked Fast has come up to vie with SV bigtime for me, which is a seriously tough feat - I've tried SO many top coats. Get It On is what I use between my Orly Nail Armor and my polish instead of Orly Bonder now - another amazing change for me after all the base coats I've tried.

    Hope the holidays are warm and wonderful for everybody!