Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So Much on My Mind...

I have been trying to get a spare second to do a post since the weekend, it just wasn't happening. After the night I have had though, I figure I'm going to get it together and post.

Talk about a day of days though! It started innocently enough, John made a mistake on the QR code give - aways. He realized a little too late that he did 10 prizes instead of 7. Yay for you guys, but left me scrambling a little bit to get the additional prizes ready.  No biggie.

Then I had to pick up my daughter's back pack at a local Barnes & Noble, because she left it there the previous day! Fortunately someone turned it in and nothing was missing from her bag! Talk about a lucky kid!

Then I get home to my lab samples, and if you follow me on Facebook, you may already know, one of them was WAY off. The lab does this every so often. I don't know why, but they do. From what I understand it is a common issue, but it still frustrates me. It shouldn't though, because sometimes their vision is better than mine, but I'm ok with them sending me their vision as long as they send me mine as well. The nail polish industry has boomed significantly this year and as a result the lab is overworked, and hey if anyone knows mistakes happen, I certainly do! LOL!
What is on my nails is what I was expecting. What is in the bottle is what I received. Although what's in the bottle does look cool, it's not what I wanted. Boo! Hopefully they get it rate on take 2! Fingers crossed!

And then, yes there is one more... I ordered my Alexander McQueen booties! WAHOO! I can't tell you how excited I was (& lightheaded) after ordering them! They were supposed to be here yesterday. But no what came instead was a notice that they did not in fact have them in inventory and I was not getting the boots after all! :( I almost cried! When I say I don't go for things that expensive and it is rare I want something that expensive, I am not kidding. I mean if I had money, maybe, but I REALLY have to want something. So it was a big big decision, not made easily or without guilt. But now they will not be mine afterall. At that point, I decided to call it a day!

Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie in Size 8 - where oh where are you?
Anyway - all is good now, either way - there is so much more going right than wrong and these little bumps in life just make me appreciate the everything so much more, so now that I wrote it all out, it's time to let it go and move forward! Well I'm still on the hunt for the booties! I don't give up that easy!


  1. Goodness woman! *HUGS* to you

  2. Bummerrrrrr that you're having a bad day :( Hopefully today gets better!

  3. Sorry that you are having a bad day. The polish on your nails is just gorgeous and I also like the one from the lab. Love the shoes as well :)

  4. Awwww! *hugs* The lab sample does look interesting though!

  5. OH those kind of mistakes are so hard to deal with making. I hope you don't beat yourself up too much over it. Both those polishes look amazing. I'm so sorry you aren't getting those gorgeous boots. Poo on them!! I didn't win with my order, but the polishes are a big enough prize! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Feel Me Up, and Tied Up is gorgeous too. "Deviant" Nature is great too. Aw heck, I love EVERY SINGLE POLISH I've bought (that would be all of them). And my second bottle of Wicked Fast makes me happy in the pants. Much love and holiday cheer to you.

  6. omg! What a LOUSY day!

    and omg, what does a girl have to do to get her hands on that screwed up sample? Seriously. I totally desperately want to buy that colour!

  7. "...happy in the pants...". I friggin' love that comment!!! LOL for real!

  8. I'm sorry you've had a tough time of it lately. If it helps at all, I wore Let Me Fly for several days and got compliments left and right. (And of course I told them about your startup company.) Every time I use one of your polishes I am amazed at how I can be finished in 2 coats and it looks great and wears well. I looking forward to ordering the new collection once Clairvoyant comes back in.

  9. Hopefully your day got better! I love that polish can't wait to see if it works out :) I love your polish and colors!! XOXO