Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What to Wear for New Year's Eve

I do a lot of virtual shopping with my friends. I guess I love shopping enough, that I am the go to stylist for my friends. I have to say I absolutely love it! I love going shopping with my friends, but when I can't be there, I love that they want my input and text me from the mall. With John being in the military, I get to go shopping with friends at all crazy hours and locations thanks to the phone! I have been asked by a few friends already what they should wear for New Years Eve. So I thought this would be the perfect thing to share with all of you as well!

Right now I am totally obsessed with a sequin jacket I found at Macy's for $44! It is a cropped blazer loaded with sequins. A friend just went to Macy's looking for it and found it on clearance for $22! Lucky girl! I have already worn mine about 4 times this holiday season and if we decide to go to a friends for New Year's Eve, I will wear it one last time to ring in the New Year. So of course, my outfits all go around the sequin jacket!

So let's get right to it shall we? 

If you have a semi formal to fancy event, wear a bright colored figure flattering dress. The dress shown here is a purple Herve Leger dress. A bit pricey, unless you use While this dress retails for $1,250, you can rent it for the weekend for $150! And no it's not to late to score a dress on their site for New Year's Eve. (Wow OK that totally sounded like a paid ad. It totally isn't - I just absolutely love them and wanted to share!) They are my favorite place for a dress when I know I will only wear it once! Throw your hair up loosely around the nape of your neck and put on a pair of amazing stud earrings. A simple bracelet and heels is all that is needed since you'll have the added bling of the sequins on your jacket, but why not add a statement clutch to showcase a matching manicure in Vicious!
I can't find a mani picture of vicious! Guess I'll have to do this one again!

If you have a fun night out planned with friends, may I suggest a comfy slouchy red dress. OK so this is a long tunic belted into a dress. But imagine this with some black tights! Soo cute! With a dress like this and the sequin jacket it would be perfect for some club hoping or a nice dinner with friends or even your significant other. I didn't pay attention to the brands here, except that bag! WOW! I so want that bag! This bag is a Balenciaga envelope clutch and retails for $1,095! Yikes! I will have to find a substitute at a much more affordable price at Marshall's or TJ's! Of course this outfit calls for Quench on the nails!

The last outfit is if you are going to a party at a friend's house. It is funky and comfy! I actually wore a very similar outfit to this one for a holiday party! I found a cute tank with a big heart on the front (no words on mine) at H&M for $12. I wore it with a pair of black jeans and some black booties. I layered some white and black chunky bangles and long chain silver earrings and I was good to go! Since this outfit is all black and white, may I suggest a brightly colored statement clutch? Find one in your favorite color to add some pop to this outfit! I wish I took a picture of this as an outfit of the day. If we make it to our friends for her annual New Year's Eve bash, I am totally repeating the outfit and will take a picture for you guys. And no matter what color your clutch, if you wear a layered mani topped with Clairvoyant, it'll stand out! 

So there you have it - one amazing sequin jacket, three hot and totally different outfits! Are you going out for New Year's eve? If so what are you wearing?

Do you have a style dilemma or question and need some help? Ask here or email me. I would love to post some more stuff like this on here. 

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  1. I just bought this exact sequined jacket from Macy's last week for NYE! Great outfits Maria!