Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Colored Jeans? Why Yes I Will

Everywhere you look there are colored jeans. I first noticed red jeans everywhere and my daughter just had to have a pair. A few months ago while doing some online surfing I came across a pair of cobalt colored jeans. I became obsessed and needed a pair. Finally I found a pair of WorkCustom cobalt jeans on and had to get them. I've only worn them a few times because I am still having trouble trying to figure out what to wear with them. Then while in Cali, I picked up a pair of mint colored jeans at H&M. I would love a pair in a burnt dark orange or red color, but after that, I swear that will be enough in the colored denim dept. I think these will come and go after this summer, so I don't want to invest too much. But I do need some stuff to go with them. I have found that Polyvore is the perfect site to help me get ideas on how I want to put outfits together. So off I went trying to come up with some outfit ideas for my new jeans. The key is finding items that will go with just about everything. The hard part is trying to keep the look current and out of the 80's!

The obvious look is the black shirt and booties. So I tried to come up with some other ideas like a blush colored shirt and gold flats, a brown sweater and nude sandals and a grey sweater and black shoes. I like the simplicity of everything, making the jeans stand out. I have a few similar items in my closet, which is nice, so I can't wait to try a few of these ideas together. 

For the mint green jeans, I would love to get daring and wear a bright colored shirt like this fuchsia one, but I don't know that I actually have the nerve.  I love the idea of a rocker look that is balanced out by the pastel color of the jeans. The next two are the easiest and most obvious, a blush colored tank or button down white top. I think I'd wear the button down with a belt around the waist though. Otherwise I'd feel too frumpy. 

As for nails with either of these looks, I would go either dark like Black Out or light like Crusin' Nude and let the jeans be the focal point. 

Cruisin' Nude 
Black Out will return in late March

The colored jean trend seems to be a love or hate one. Which camp do you fall under?

Also if you haven't heard, our presale event has begun. Check it out on the Cult Nails website!


  1. I still remember my colored BONGO jeans from middle school.... so I am not ready yet!

  2. I always have trouble trying to think of outfits including my colored jeans! I really love the mint green jeans. Thanks for the post!

  3. So cute and inspiring. I especially love the jeans. Cute blog!!