Friday, January 27, 2012

Community Service

One of my goals for Cult Nails is to create a community of women and men  who help and empower each other. I remember before I started Cult Nails I would day dream about owning my own company and making a difference in the community I live in. I have these grand ideas that I still want to make happen as we grow the cult so to speak.

As I grow Cult Nails and interact with so many of you, I realized one thing though, I am not just in my community. We have become a global community. I try to volunteer my time and money in my community now. I do what I can to make a difference. I believe every little bit counts. But the realization that we could make a global difference is just amazing to me!

So I wanted to see what you guys do for the community you live in.  Let's promote community service. What do you do in your community? Small or big let us know. Do you know someone who is involved with making a difference? Let us know. We would like to regularly feature someone who is making a difference in their community. Who knows, maybe it will increase the awareness to what you do or get more people involved. And of course there just might be some polish in it for those we feature and/or nominate someone for us to feature!

I can't wait to hear how you all make a difference! Email us at info (no spaces)


  1. I donate beauty products that I've never used to several battered women's shelter here in Orlando. I tie a little note to the nail polishes, eyeshadow palettes and body washes and the notes say something like, "Even if life is tough, you are still beautiful" or something along those lines. I also help host a "Cupcake & Conversation" series at a natural beauty lab. We chit-chat with middle and high school aged girls and help inspire them while munching on yummy cupcakes. :)

    1. That's an absolutely lovely idea! I'm a musician and I deliver free music workshops to local schools. I'm gonna take a leaf out of your book and donate stuff x

  2. This isn't beauty-related at all, but I began looking for volunteer opportunities when I was out of work. I found a really great non-profit that provided a radio and Internet reading service for the visually impaired in my area. I have a college degree and formerly worked in journalism, so this was a great way to give back and keep my editing skills from rusting! I've moved since then and haven't done any volunteering, but I'd like to get back to working with non-profit radio again.

  3. I make community service part of my blogging routine. I was inspired by a blogger in Hawaii who donates 1 dollar per blog post to her local food bank. Every 20th post she send 20 bucks to the food bank. I do the same thing on my bento blog, and on my nail blog (which is more active with posts) I donate 50 cents per post to my local women's recovery shelter. They help women transitioning out of substance abuse, and part of the services they provide are personal care items and make up for job interviews. It is an easy way to help, and makes me feel really good about my fun hobbies actually helping others.

    I recently met a young woman named Allyson Ahlstrom who founded Threads For Teens. It is a place for teenage girls in foster care to come and 'shop' for new outfits. All of the clothes have been donated, and girls are allowed to pick out two full outfits, plus accessories. My polish friends and I made some donations to Allyson of brand new polish extras that we had so now the teens can take home some new polish as well. :) You can see Allyson's work online at BTW, she is 16 years old!!