Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

OK so we are now on the second day of this new year, but hey, it's still just the beginning right? Did you guys have a great weekend? Are you still recovering?

I had a quiet weekend and today is the last day of my vacation before returning to work. I spent my weekend reorganizing my closet. I have done that at least 4 or 5 times since moving into this house. Nothing was working. I just needed Juan to find someplace else for his stuff so I could have the whole closest. OK so that is not a realistic solution, but I needed to do something! Anyway, I will do a separate post on the before and after, although Juan does not want me showing it, you know I will!

For now let's just do a quick recap. I had orginally grabbed some nail art supplies and planned a manicure around these three items. I came up with a cool idea, but then my neighbor called us to hang out, so the manicure had to wait,

When I came home I was too tired, so I opted for the super easy, yet fun manicure. Apply basecoat and before it dries dip your finger in glitter and top with top coat.

It looked cool, but by day  or 3, I can't remember, it started peeling off in sheets on New Years Eve, so I took it off and went back to work on the closet, and just never got back to a new manicure for New Year's eve! We went back to hang out with our neighbors to ring in the New Year! We had a nice quiet night, full of laughs! If you guys only heard some of the conversations we have when we get together! YIKES! We definitely laugh a lot! T Dizzle is probably going to kill me for posting this pic - but seriously - look how happy we look! So who cares.

 Don't you love my outfit of the day! My cult nails shirt and some leggings! Now that's high fashion!

Fireworks are allowed in my county, so when the clock struck midnight, there were fireworks all around us! My friend got a pic of Juan and me celebrating the New Year with the fireworks! Awesome!

Another one of my friends pics for the toast!

And after the toast was over - we tried to get an overflowing champagne glass, while that didn't work out to well, she still got an amazing shot! How cool is this pic!
Here's to hoping you all have a happy and successful new year!


  1. Happy New Year! I loved your outfit :D and OF COURSE, I also love Juan's Patriot's jersey ;)I wish you the very best for 2012!!


  2. Happy New Year Maria!
    I love the gradient glitter manicure you chose! Classy and fun! Perfect for the fireworks!
    I can't wait for my CultNails top to arrive!!!! You are ROCKIN' IT!!!