Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Step Back in Time?

First off, I want to thank everyone for the kind words. I think Sid gave us her answer last night. I got home from work and she was running around and rolling around like a puppy! She slept through the night, no accidents and this morning was running up and down the stairs like she used to do. So I think we are just going to hold off to see how long this streak will last and just put off the inevitable a bit longer. I'll for sure keep you guys updated.

This last weekend we took the kids and two of their friends to Universal and went to HardRock for dinner. I took a few pics of my park outfits, which I will probably share later, but for now I am going to share what I wore to the HardRock Cafe.

We took the pics inside the hotel room and they all came out in Sepia tones. Kind of interesting how that happened. At first I thought I would correct the colors, but in the end the outfit looks a little vintage (even though its not), so why not keep a vintage touch to the photos?

What I'm wearing:
Top: A silk batik top I bought from a local store called The Standard Collective that I grabbed on clearance 1/2 off at $44. They don't have a website, but on their Twitter it says "A lifestyle boutique bringing together the best of Melbourne Fashion Designers, Artists, Musicians and Athletes. (In the Melbourne Sq. Mall)" Unfortunately they don't seem to actually use their Twitter since their last tweet was last year. They also have a Facebook page, I'll have to check out if they use that. I have seen this store in our mall for quite some time and never go in. But I am loving this top! I need to see who makes it and get a better pic and more info to you guys on it.
Skirt: Target Exhilaration Tulip Skirt in navy $14.99. I LOVE this skirt. I really am loving these hi/lo skirts right now, but some are just a little too short for my age. This one strikes the perfect balance for me.
Shoes: Target Exhilaration Tatum heeled sandals in tan for $25.98 on clearance right now. I scored mine on clearance for $9.98 at our local Target, so check your local store first if you like them.
Accessories: My Alexand Ani bracelets and some hoop earrings.

I posted this pic to Instagram. Even though I look angry, I love this pic. LOL.
Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. Youre so pretty damnit! And I'm so happy to hear Sid is okay for now

  2. You are so gorgeous and stylish... And now I see that you have a big tattoo on your arm! So cool! :)
    I hope your doggie is going to be fine; I can imagine those are hard decisions. Hang in there!

  3. I love the vintage touch to it!

    Hope your pup will remain this way from now on. *hugs*