Monday, January 16, 2012

Travel Outfit Options

On Thursday I am flying out to California for a very brief trip. I fly out on Thursday and return on Saturday. The last time I went to Cali, I remember feeling extremely claustrophobic on the way home. I flew by myself on a red eye thinking if I flew overnight I would totally fall asleep. Well I am not one for sleeping in public, so I should have known better. I sat by the window and the two people next to me were sleeping. I felt trapped in an extremely small space surrounded by morning breathe. I can still feel the small panicy feeling I felt during that flight as I write this. Just thinking of these two flights, I am getting a little anxious. Ironically I flew to Vegas for Cosmoprof last July with zero problems and the flights are just about equally as long. So go figure!

Anyway, I usually wear jeans and my Ozbootz when I fly. But I really want to amp up my look a bit more and not look so slouchy. Since this is such a short trip, I am trying to pack as light as I can so I can just carry on. My goal is one outfit to wear there, one for the way back and two outfits for while I am there. (One to meet with the lab and one to go out with an old friend.)

I was thinking I could roll leggings and a t-shirt pretty small, so I was looking for a legging style outfit. I still might wear my Ozbootz just because my feet are always cold, but I also needed more flat shoe options for running errands. I wear heels 90% of the time, and unless I wear my converse, there is no place for sneakers when out running around town. (Well unless you have a totally cute pair of street sneakers, which I don't have!) I just prefer to wear shoes. I have heels and sandals, but flats just never look good on me, I recently found the Frye Regina on Zappos and fell in love. I have flat wide feet and I hoped these would make my feet look just a little slimmer and not be painful.

I don't know if they exactly make my feet look slimmer per say, but I am totally obsessing over them right now and want the black ones! Oh how I need the black ones! Because my feet are wide, flats actually tend to hurt my feet, where heels don't do this for some reason. I think it's funny that people always tell me they can't wear heels because they would fall or be in pain, that is me in flats! Because of that I rarely wear them and when I do I feel frumpy. These just might change that for me. They are so soft and sooo comfy. I have never had such comfort in a flat shoe. I don't like spending more than $100 for a pair of shoes but at $128 with this comfort level, I don't care!

Blah, blah, blah, boy am I chatty today. SOOO my point is, long flight + obsessing over my new flats = outfits options needed that are super comfortable and centered around my latest obsession.

 I went onto Polyvore and created some outfit options using items that are similar to what I already have in my closet, this way I don't have to go shopping for any clothes since the shoes were expensive enough. Here are some ideas I came up with. I made 3 options with black leggings and 3 options with brown leggings. I need an outfit for each flight. Help me pick what I should wear, pick one outfit from the black leggings option and one from the brown legging options and help me decide!

Black Legging Option 1
White tee and chambray shirt with my Alex and Ani bracelets

Black Legging Option 2
grey tank and brown sweater and long coral necklace

Black Legging Option 3

Cropped coral jacket, white tee and long know necklace

Brown Legging Option 1
White tee, navy blazer, camel colored scarf and my Alex and Ani bracelets

Brown Legging Option 2
Purple tank with the chambray shirt and a long silver necklace

Brown Legging Option 3
White tee with the optional gray sweatshirt and blue scarf

Edited to add: I am mainly wearing this in an airport and on a plane, so the local temps aren't really a concern. I am always freezing on a plane, so I am trying to stay warm. But the temps here will be a high of 73 and low of 59 and in Cali where I will be a high of 64 and low of 48. And yes I do dress this warmly in those temps, I am always cold! It drives Juan nuts! LOL!


  1. I like black 2, and brown one. :)

  2. I like black 2 & brown 1
    Tiffany Reyes

  3. Black legging 3 and Brown legging 2 are my favourites. :) Have fun in Cali!

  4. Black #3 and Brown #1 are my favorites, but they're all cute and definitely look comfy.

  5. Black #2 and Brown #1 are my choices!

  6. I like Black 3 and Brown 1. The blazers really tie the looks together and makes it appear more effortless. You can also get right off the plane and go anywhere and look put together.

  7. Black 1 Brown 3 (: