Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jason Wu for Target Review - Pic Heavy

I picked up several pieces from the Jason Wu for Target collection over the last few days. I was able to score a few pieces online as well as in store. I didn't get the shorts I wanted and am contemplating taking the plunge on Ebay if the prices aren't too jacked up. I haven't been hit by the designer fever that has taken over at Target and H&M. But Jason Wu is one designer I would love to have an original from. This collection for Target is not the same as his regular collections. It is drastically different while still staying true to his style at the same time. When I think of Jason Wu I think of clean lines, the little details that make a difference, classic while still a bit edgy. Exactly what I love. I read a lot of reviews that the collection looked cheap. I however have a different opinion. There were some pieces that were definitely "cheap" like the t-shirts. But um it's a t-shirt, so yeah. Without outing specific brands I know of one t-shirt manufacturer that makes the same exact t-shirt and slaps 2 different labels on the inside. One retails for over $50 and the other for $5. SAME EXACT T-SHIRT! So maybe I just tend to be a bit more open. Or maybe I am just blinded by my Jason Wu Obsession! LOL!

Those of you who are/were interested in the collection already know what the pieces look like. The Internet is saturated with photos of the collection, and  quick google search is all that is needed, so I won't bore you there, but I did want to delve a little deeper into the details as I see them.

I wore one of the tops today and wanted to take some outfit of the day pics, but I had the gym after work, so I didn't wear the outfit tonight. (Can you imagine wearing this to the gym? LOL!) I definitely wasn't about to put it back on and do my makeup again after the gym, so this is what you get to see of it. I went back to Target today and tried on another top so I took a picture in the fitting room.

Here's a closeup of my nails. I put on Feel Me Up last night. I fully intended on using some stamping plates and doing some flowers in Time Traveler with red centers. But I was too tired (read: lazy) to follow through on that one.

Anyway, let's get onto the details shall we? Here is a closeup of the details on the top I wore today. The lines are good, the sewing is good, no complaints. I think this was $26.99 - I have paid $60 for similar quality shirts at department stores.

A look at another shirt. This one to me was an impeccable example of the quality. I found this one to be really well made. I was seriously impressed that this shirt was $26.99. Easily worth between $60 - 80 if it were at a department store.

Just for reference I decided to throw in this 100% silk Rachel Roy shirt that retails for $395. (No I did not pay that for this shirt! You know me better than that!) You can see the frayed thread on this shirt. Um hello! for $395 there should not be this fraying. (not even for what I paid for it should there be this fraying) But besides this the quality of this shirt is great and it is 100% silk. The Jason Wu for Target shirts are Polyester at best. These are the details that allow the collection at Target to be so affordable. But believe me side by side, not knowing anything about material and brands, Juan thought the light blue Jason Wu for Target was comparable to the Rachel Roy shirt in quality.

Details on one of the dresses. The material on this dress is thin and a bit flimsy, but super soft. Worth the price of the dress, but no more. This one was a bit baggy, so I sized down and it was still a bit loose. But with a nude belt and camel colored wedges, this is going to be a perfect summer BBQ dress!

Up next: The pleated skirt. This was another well executed piece. LOVE this skirt, but since I'm not 5'8"it goes to my knee, which means I will need to bring it to a tailor to bring up the length a bit. Who knows what that will cost or if it is even worth it. But with a 90 day return policy, I have the time to find out and decide.

This is where the outer layer of the skirt is sewn to the lining. A little pucker but when you undo the sewing it will undo.

This is where you can see the cost savings. This looks like I sewed it on myself. Actually I think I would have done a better job. Just sayin'

Now onto a tote and two clutches. First up the tote. I am not typically one to carry a tote, but this one is amazingly thick and good quality. I have seen some department store brands equal in quality and even a bit inferior in quality go for a lot more than this one.

Love that it has the little detailing on the bottom.

A look inside reveals a zipper pocket and two side pockets. Love that!

not one exposed seam on the handle of the bag.

Onto the clutch. Here is where I have a complaint. Target had three of these clutches and all of them were a bit off in evenness if you ask me. See how the left seems to be a bit lower than the right. No matter what I tried with any of them, they all lifted on the right as if they were put together just a bit off. But overall it isn't something that is big enough to effect the $29.99 price tag. The "straw" material is a canvas material that looks like it will clean easily too. No worry of staining. I LOVE this bag! I would say this is perfect for a summer wedding or a dressy afternoon event, or even a cute little vacation clutch to a summery location, but I would never call this an evening bag.

A look inside!

OK one of my biggest grips with handbags is that I think they should have a middle piece with a zipper so I can separate my stuff and make it easier to find. I can never seem to find this feature in any bag other than B Makowsky, and with the exception of a few of his bags, I am just not a huge fan of his style. So I was super stoked to see this feature in a $30 bag! Wahoo!

I loved it so much that I bought the lace clutch too! Love the hardware! This is a great one to transition it from a day clutch to an evening clutch. This bag is cloth and lace. No canvas on this one. Online it looked as if it were faux lace, I was happy to see they didn't skimp on this one.

I have a few pieces coming in the mail still and I haven't seen the large bag, so I can't comment on that one or any of the other pieces. But overall I was impressed.

What's the point of this review if the items are supposedly sold out at every Target. Well for one my Target still had tons of stuff left. They said they just put out more this morning. Also people will start returning stuff they don't want soon. And with a 90 day return policy, those items that don't sell on Ebay will most likely end up back at Target right before the 90 days are up and will most likely end up on Clearance and you can really score then! Lastly if you decide you just can't do without, you may want to check out Ebay. Some of these items might be worth the bit of the price hike on there if you can get over the fact that people bought them just to resell them at a higher than retail price. I wouldn't go super high over the retail price, but if there is an item you just can't live without, then it might be worth it for you.

Oh and for those who saw me post that I would be doing a give away and posting details on here today, sorry for the delay. I will have the giveaway posted before I leave for New York, but this post got so long, I think that that giveaway needs it's own post. Also we are still fleshing out the details of the give-away. But keep an eye out as I will be giving away the tote and the cream and black clutch to two lucky people! You didn't think I would buy all this and not think of you guys did you? So if you're a die hard fan like me and missed out, there's still a chance to score a piece from this collection! Stay tuned...

Did you get anything from this collection? Was it a dud for you or are you just as obsessed as me? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I want to go shopping with you!!!! xo

  2. I would like to see more full pics. Of the other clothes you posted from Jason Wu with the close up detail. I am liking what I see in the quality, but I can't picture what the whole thing looks like!! Can you please post another with more pics. Of these pieces in whole?;)
    Tiffany Reyes

  3. I went to my Target and while they had several pieces, they didn't have much in the way of sizes. I picked up the pleated skirt which I sized down so it would sit a little higher on my waist and above the knee. It was worth the $29.99 price tag. All the small T-shirts fit like larges so I passed. The dress you showed, was it the navy, red, and white T-shirt dress? I bought it in a smaller size than I normally would, but it will definitely need a belt to give it some shape. I also picked up the scarf and was pleased with the fact that it is so big. I looked at the lace clutch, but it was a little too large for me to carry as a clutch. Overall, I thought the quality was pretty good. Better than the usual Target fare, comparable to a department store and great for the price. And if you like purses that have the separation, try Fossil. I've found some in the past that have had that middle zipper.

  4. Great haul! I also picked up the skirt, lace clutch and the trench coat they already shipped just waiting to get them. This is the first designer collection I picked up from Target I wasn't into the whole Missoni line but I really do love this one. I wish I would have picked up one of the dresses too tho.

    Also if you don't want to buy from Ebay there is a buy sell swap group for this collection on Facebook
    So far everyone has been selling for org retail price + shipping

  5. My goodness, would you like to be my fashion consultant? Haha. You are so awesome at this stuff, and I'm, well, a little challenged. I may try to emulate some of your outfits etc though, as I could do with some looking nice stuff. Of course, that's after my furnace is fixed (yikes), and so on, but thank you for sharing the way you do. And I just got notified that I have a shipment on the way, I'm SO excited for the new polishes!! Thank you yet again for all you share with us and the wonderful polishes.

  6. I'll be honest, I wasn't very excited about the collection, but I love that navy blue top with the flowers! I may have to check out my local Target.

  7. @ Leslie - Anytime hun! You know that! I haven't seen you in WAY too long! Let's plan something. If I can get of this crazy ride for a second today, I'll call you!

    @Anon - I didn't include pics since you can google them easily and I'll be using them for outfit of the day pics in the future and didn't want to oversaturate with pics here.

    @Dom - I wish I sized down in the pleated skirt! Now I have to go get mine tailored! I am on the hunt for it in a smaller size before I hunker down and bring it to the tailors.

    @Ashley - OMG - what a great FB group! I joined right away and then tweeted it! Thank you so much!

    @KelBel - The two items I wanted the least, I am loving now!

  8. you are a lucky girl...All i wanted was that big bag...faux leather...and i didnt get it... :)

  9. please do review the bigger bag if you purchase it or get it from somewhere... :) Thank you

  10. That first top is really cute, and you look gorgeous. Also "feel me up" (love the name!!) might be the perfect yellow nail polish. Been on the hunt for a while - I love it!