Monday, March 12, 2012

Black & White Nails

Where does the time go? This weekend was hectic so I didn't have an opportunity to do my nails until late Sunday night for the week, and then I loved them so much I wanted to blog about them right away, but since I am in my last week and 1 day of training my replacement before my true freedom, I knew I needed to get in bed so I could wake up this morning. So that means a super late blog post for today! Boo! But I couldn't not post these today! 

I follow a nail tech Astrowifey on Instagram and her blog. She does a lot of manicures where each nail is different. I had to try something like this. I went for a black and white manicure. I tried to do each nail different, but no matter what I tried on my index finger on my left hand it just wasn't working out, so I opted to match it up to the a design on the right hand, and in the end I LOVED how it came out. 

Here is what I used: Get It on Base Coat and Wicked Fast Top Coat. (Of course) I used Milani's new one coat white and Cult Nails upcoming one coat black. I wish I could say Cult Nails has a one coat white for you, maybe one day, but not yet. In the mean time, Milani's is amazing. Depending on my application it truly was a one coat white - which is unheard of! It is a pure white and on some nails I did need to do two coats. But I quickly saw the trick was to let the first coat fully dry which took about a minute and a lot of it self leveled and a second coat wasn't needed. Some nails weren't so lucky and needed a second coat, but I really think it was my application and working with their brush and formula that is different than mine. The Cult Nails black which will be named Never More (Thanks to OnceBitten) was a true one coat black. I can't wait to share this one with all of you! My daughter even said, "you know what I love about your polishes mommy? They are so shiny! That black still looks wet!" Aww she knows just what to say! LOL! I also loved that both Milani's white and Cult Nails Black are so deeply pigmented, they are perfect for stamping! YAY!

As for the nail art, I am not as skilled as Astrowifey, so my nail art was all thanks to Red Angel, Bundle Monster and Konad nail plates. I added glitter to 2 nails that I purchased from Glitties.

Left Hand:
Thumb: Konad plate 72
Index: Red Angel plate 113
Middle: Konad plate 73 and some manually placed black iridescent glitter from Glitties
Ring: Bundle Monster plate 206
Pinky: White iridescent glitter from Glitties

Right Hand:
Thumb: Konad plate M60
Index: Red Angel plate 107 (tip - this is a reverse design where the stamp is the black. Let it dry a few seconds before applying to the stamp)
Middle: Black iridescent glitter from Glitties
Ring: Red Angel plate 113
Pinky: Bundle Monster plate 211

I bought all my stamping plates on Just do a search for nail plates and you will see all the options available. The pictures of this manicure does not do it justice - it looks way cooler in person if you ask me!

So what do you think of this type of manicure? Would you be willing to sport a manicure where each nail is different? I am loving it and have no plans on taking it off for a few more days! Now to plan out the next crazy manicure!

Oh and you didn't think you'd get away without a reminder to vote for me for the Brad Goreski Skype contest did you? You can vote everyday, so you can expect a daily reminder! Thanks for your support on this!


  1. I love manis like these. I follow her too. Love her work.

    1. She is awesome! One day I will get out to Chicago and have her do my nails!

  2. I love this idea! So often I can't decide which design to use - SO use a whole bunch but keep the same 2 colors - love it!

    and thank you (and John) for selecting Nevermore as the polish name - I'm gonna be bragging about that for a long time ;)

    1. I can't wait to try this with other colors and plates to see if it looks as good!

      Brag away! And as a bonus you get the entire collection free! Wahoo!

  3. Gorgeous! I love how the patterns look so clean in black and white.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am still loving it and it's day three! I think I'm going to keep it on another day at least!

  5. Love the idea with a different design. Black and white is so classy :)

    1. Thanks! It was great to finally meet you by the way! YAY!

  6. I love seeing your nails done all differently! So cool :)
    Also Yay for Never More!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to try a different one tonight! Can't wait to see if it comes out as good!

  7. I absolutely LOVE this! So so pretty!

  8. Hey Maria!

    I love how each nail is different - makes it more experimental and memorable, too! :) Very edgy, and you're rocking each and every nail.