Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've Been Wu'd!

As you already know I went nuts over the Jason Wu for Target collection. I'm not huge into collaborations, typically if it's a designer I like I will get 1 - 3 pieces max. If it's not one I really know or am into, then I don't even really bother. But Jason Wu is one I go on the Neiman Marcus website and drool over. I had originally intended on picking up a few pieces, but in the end, I bought a lot more than I originally had anticipated. I joined the Facebook group for us Wu fanatics and seeing how cute some of the pieces were on everyone made me cave. Of course the women in the group were finding items on clearance ALREADY, so I didn't even have to pay full price for many of the items! Woot! Woot! Or should I say Wuut! Wuut!

I ended up buying the black flared dress from the collection on clearance because the belt was missing. I have absolutely nowhere to wear this dress, but all I could imagine was this dress used in some kind of photo for Cult Nails. I'm still unsure of how or when, but the dress is just so cute, I had to get it! I am imagining something to do with the Divas & Drama collection, but Juan has other ideas.

As soon as I put this dress on, I feel bubbly and like I have a spring in my step. Maybe it's the childlike, tea party vibe the dress gives off.

Don't look at my living room! I am in the middle of redoing it and I have no idea what to do about the curtain situation at the moment. Actually I know exactly what I want, the problem is what I want is hard to find and when I find it, it's just way out of my price range. Grrr. I need to figure it out soon though.

I feel like I need some flowers or like I should be twirling or something!

One thing about this dress is that it is HOT! And I don't mean the sexy kind. I mean the pass me a fan, I'm burning up hot! I couldn't believe how heavy the material is and how hot it made me in the dress! The dress comes in a cream color too. I don't need either dress, so I hope I don't come across the cream one, because I know I will cave and get that one as well. Imagine the pictures I could take with that one! OMG  if I can find the cream one it would be perfect for the polishes coming in April! Great - now I NEED to find the cream one! OK ladies, if you come across this dress in cream in a 4 PLEASE let me know! They are extremely hard to find!

Jason Wu for Target Black Flared Dress & Shoes from Target (both on clearance! WU Hoo! the belt is from NY & Company (on clearance too!) and the accessories I bought years ago in Philly for some ridiculously low price.


  1. So beautiful and feminine! It's the sort of dress I would feel the immediate desire to do a "twirl test" on the minute I put it on :)

  2. This looks so good on you! Love how you switched out the belt for a white one very classy chic :)

  3. You look lovely Maria and the dress is so pretty.
    You can possibly find the cream dress on ebay. Look here

    Let us know if you find it and how it looks on you! :)

  4. You're a beauty Maria. Well done!

  5. Ooh!! I LOVE that dress! That was one of the dresses I REALLY wanted, but I couldn't handle the mad rush so I gave up. I didn't even THINK to look for it again, I just assumed that dress would be LONG gone! I am so looking online for which stores might still have it right NOW! =)

    And it definitely looks Awesome on you! So pretty! And it totally has that flouncy skirt tea party vibe. Love it! =) I always feel a little like skipping when I wear flouncy skirts like that. =)