Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Milani Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lipgloss Review

When I went to the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet up earlier this month, I was one of the lucky ones to receive a makeup bag full of Milani products. I couldn't believe how many products I get to try and share on here with you all. I chose three of the Milani Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lipglosses to start my reviews. 

Milani describes the Haute Flash Full Color Lipgloss as: 
"Full coverage, electrifying pigmented color · Extra glossy shimmer finish · Non-tacky, anti-feathering formula · Flexible soft sponge applicator for easy application."

If I had to describe these lip glosses I would say that they are definitely full coverage and electrifyingly pigmented. There is no question there. They each provided extra glossy shimmer finish as stated as well. As for a non-tacky finish, well I'm not one to wear gloss often because they tend to be tacky and to me this one was what I would consider somewhat tacky but not heavy. Meaning that for me if my hair sticks to it, then it's still tacky, but it feels light on my lips, which makes it wearable. The sponge applicator is amazing. It is somewhat flat and bendable which makes application easy. It also has a very subtle but sweet and pleasant smell. It made me want to taste the lipgloss. Hey it smelled that good! LOL! It doesn't have a taste, so that was a plus. 

Overall if I were to grade these lip glosses I would give them a B+. The reason I didn't grade them an A is because they describe it as non-tacky and for me, the lip glosses are still somewhat tacky. I also felt the colors are almost too vivid. I rarely see women wearing lip glosses this bright, so I think they could turn some women off. But because I can tone it down, I would still wear them. I didn't grade them down for this as they say full coverage, electrifying pigmented color. They definitely deliver on that promise. As for wear, I wore one for a few hours and it lasted the 3 hours I left it on. I would have needed to re-apply if I intended on keeping it on and it left lipgloss on the straw of the drink I was having. Of course since it's lipgloss I fully expected this, so again I didn't grade it down for this.

Top view of the applicator
Side view of applicator - it's flat for easier application.


First up, I swatched Hot Flash. This is a vibrant red that is loaded with pink and gold shimmer. This one was so bright in person. On the lips it didn't photograph quite as vividly as it looked in person. But if you see the swatch picture on my arm below you can see just how vivid it really is. It was just as vivid on my lips! A bit more than what I would be able to handle personally. But I used a tissue to blot it and neutralize the color and it was perfect. I love how it flashed the pink and gold shimmer in person on the lip. I think this would be a great night out color to really spice up my looks. I will definitely wear this one again.

The swatch above is color accurate.

On the left is my natural lip and on the right is Hot Flash. 

Next up, In A Flash. This is a vivid purple with pink and blue shimmer. The bottle pic below photographed pink, but believe me in person it's purple. The pink and blue shimmer transferred onto the lips as well. I have to say this one was my favorite of the bunch. Again I had to blot it down to make it wearable for me, but I loved how the purple contrasted with the shimmer in this one!

Tis swatch is extremely color accurate. LOVE!

On the left is my natural lip on the right In A Flash

The last lipgloss I tried was Flashy. And believe me this one was appropriately named! It is very flashy! It is what I would call Barbie pink. This is the color my Barbie's had on their lips when I was a kid back in the 80's. I wanted to try this one so bad, event though I doubted I would ever actually wear it out. It is bright pink with pink shimmer. The shimmer is less noticeable in this one, but it is still there. And while I thought I would never wear this one, this is the one I actually blotted to tone down and then wore out to lunch. So turns out I would actually wear it. But of the three, I think this is the one I would wear the least in the future. 

My natural lip on the left and Flashy on the right.

Milani cosmetics are available at CVS pharmacies and on their website (They ship in the U.S. and Canada) The Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lipglosses retail for $7.49 each.

Are you a lipgloss fan? Would you wear a full coverage lipgloss like these? What did you think of my review? Would you have liked to see anything differently? 

*These products were given to me for review.


  1. Oh I really like Flash, but you're right.. for lipgloss I think they're a little too 'bright'. They look fabulous on you, though!

  2. Those are incredibly bright glosses! I feel like they'd be perfect for an evening look, but for day, way way too much.

  3. Milani makes some awesome products