Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nails Inspired by Norman Ambrose's Runway Nails

I came across a picture of the nails at Norman Ambrose's most recent show. It was a similar style to the gold nails with thin black tips that I have been seeing online for about a year now. But with some added gold foil to help distress the look a bit. (I have a picture of the nails at the show at the bottom of this post.) I couldn't resist, I just had to try it out.

Since Cult Nails doesn't have a gold polish, I went out and purchased L'oreal's Because You're Worth It. It seemed to be exactly what I needed to accomplish this look. Unfortunately my camera's battery was dead, so I had to take pictures using my iPhone. Sorry for the crappy quality of the pics! 

This is three coats of Because You're Worth It. It is very sheer on the first coat, but with three coats it brings out the gold shimmer hidden in the polish nicely.

I then took tape and cut in into the shape I wanted as the key to this manicure is that it is not a typical french tip, but more of a deep upside down U enhancement on the very tips of your nails. I did the tape for the first nail and didn't like how it turned out, so I did the rest free hand.
On the picture above you can see the three white dots. That is just some Elmer's glue diluted in water. I put random dots on each nail and then just pressed gently on them a few times and let it almost dry. While it was still tacky I pushed the gold foil on sporadically on my nails as seen below.

The gold foil has a bit of rainbow effect in the sun and light. I love the distressed quality it gave to the nails!

Here is a snapshot of the nails at the Norman Ambrose show on the left and my nails on the right. I love how this turned out!

Now I realize that I need to make a gold for Cult Nails. But how do you make a gold polish that hasn't been done before? What type of gold would you like to see? I would like one that takes no more than two coats, non streaky, while still giving off a nice finish. Maybe something between this and a foil? Hmmm, sounds like a new project...


  1. This is lovely, and would look great with so many outfits.


  2. I love runway nails! They're my favorite for inspiration.

  3. Your nails came out great! I love this combo...it reminds (slightly) of Jennifer Lopez's nails at the Oscars- she had some sort of metallic base with a dark maroon tip, but style of the tip was similar to yours here. You've inspired me! I really want to try this!

  4. Absolutely need to make a gold. It would also be really awesome if it worked well with stamping. :P

    love your mani today tooo!

  5. It would be awesome if you made a gold. I've been searching for a metallic (non foil) gold for ages.

  6. I love gold nails! I think a gold "minx" would be in order!

  7. Perhaps a gold with the gold flakies in it that mimics what you just did? I find that a lot of golds don't look good with my skin tone....I wonder why....so one that is flattering, please.
    By the by, your nails look gorgeous!

  8. I LOVE it! I'll try out this manicure once I find the time to do so! This seems easier than expected!

    Gold foil!!! I find foils to be very opaque and can be one-coaters if I'm careful. Or a gold foil with a sprinkle of lavender shimmer in it? That would be even better!

  9. I love the distressed look of your gold mani. Breathtaking.

    You asked about a gold and what we would want to see. I was just looking at white golds, Essie Tennis Corset, Orly Merinque, but the best of them was discontinued...Moxie by RBL. It had a quality that the others didn't reach, a touch more gold almost. Moxie looked like a white gold. And I agree with M a shimmer within would be tantalizing. Though just a white gold would be something.

  10. I love the look!! How about a matte gold polish with gold/bronze flakies? Or a true gold with, say, pink or purple shimmer? Oooh, I can't wait what's the Cult Gold going to look like...

  11. Gold foils are already around...don't do one of those!
    I want a more aged gold..something inspired by the gold of Egyptian days. A 2 (thin) coat polish. NO FLAKIES (That's what we have Essie As Gold as It Gets for)...golds with things in them are easy.

    Do a gold creme! Something luscious and luxurious and good for stamping. Something that looks good enough to adorn with gems if you want.

    BTW this is Pryanka :D I can't wait for my order to arriive!