Thursday, March 15, 2012

Polish, Music and More

I posted this last night because I was just way to excited to wait. But I decided I would post it here again today. Last night after rolling what felt like a million polish burritos (But was really more like just under 400), I needed to do my nails. I had every intention of going upstairs and coming up with some fun green manicure for St Patty's day. I'm not really into the whole theme nails thing, but I am trying to make an effort. When I see everyone's designs, they look so cool I want to play too. But when I went upstairs and saw my bed, all I could think of was "crawl in there and close your eyes lady!" So I did. Then I looked at my nails and knew I had to at the very least take the polish off. (The glitter I applied was coming off and it just looked gross.) Once I took the polish off, I thought, well I suppose I could just file them and so they look a little better. And then I thought, well I could just put a base coat on them to keep them protected. Which of course led to well Devious Nature is right here, so maybe I can just put that on and call it a night. But then when I reached for Devious Nature I saw the orange base I used when creating scandalous and I instantly knew that I needed to mix them together. I added a little white base to get it opaque and BAM a new color! So much for just crawling into bed!

Captivated is on my ring finger

On a side note - Way back in the day (like 18 yrs ago back in the day), I used to rock out to the Cranberries song Zombie all the time. I LOVED that song! I would replay that song so much it was crazy. Fast forward today, right here, right now, as I write this, I am listening to my daughter rock out that song on her guitar!

So of course I had to include the original video on here(Well, you'll actually just have to click the video and it'll bring you to Vevo on Youtube to watch it). Remember when MTV used to actually play videos? OK if you don't remember, then I'm not talking to you! LOL!

And I also want to include a little shout out to J'Lostein who is a Cultie with a beautiful voice who plays the guitar. Her Youtube videos of her playing the guitar & singing are partially what inspired my daughter to pick up the guitar and play it. Juan plays and loves music, & my oldest showed interest, but it never really stuck until she saw a Cultie playing. I guess something at that point clicked with her. I don't remember how we found J'Lostein's music, I think she posted something on our Facebook page once and we clicked on her name and found her music from there. But either way, I thought I would share her music with you too as a thank you for adding another musician to the house. :) How cool is this!

And of course what blog post would be complete this month with out my daily reminder to please vote for me for my chance to Skype with Brad Goreski! :)


  1. Maria, I NEEEEEEEEEEEED that color bad. Please release it for me. I love it so. 18 years ago that was one of my favorite songs too lmfao. Ooooh showing my age.

  2. You should make this a polish! I've been looking for a nice, coral-y pink like this :)

  3. I really like this polish. This is a perfect summer color!

  4. Love the polish and I love The Cranberries. Dang it, was that really 18 years ago??? Holy hell! The first concert I ever went to on "my own" (without any parents) was the Cranberries at Great Woods in Mass! It rained the entire time, and we had 'lawn seats'. Nothing like wearing a garbage bag to stay dry while rocking out to 'Zombie' :-)

  5. That nail color is awesome! I love vivid coral-pinks! Especially if you add a violet-pink or violet-blue iridescence to it.

    And wow, I'm old, thinking about how long ago I listened to the Cranberries!

  6. Love the color, it'd be awesome if it went on sale :)

  7. I love love love the color! I've been dying to find a perfect pinky/coral/orange/grapefruit color, and haven't had much luck mixing one on my own. If you released this color in a jelly finish, I think I would about die. <3

  8. Can't wait to purchase Captivated :D That $5 sale can not come soon enough haha!

    I love this new color! It doesn't even look streaky or anything, I looooves it.

  9. I absolutely WANT that color! Maybe call it Sleepless? ;)

    And I can't thank you enough for bringing back Captivated--I bought 2 bottles (plus a backup of Seaweed) so I am GOOD :D