Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ring Inspired Nail Art

Last night while looking through some pictures on my phone, I came across this picture I took earlier in the week.
I actually have a very subtle nail art design going on here. I planned on posting it this week, but it may be more like next week now. 

The design on this ring is so cool looking I wanted to try to recreate some of it on my nails. The problem is that I'm not the most artistically abled person. Drawing and painting are skills I just do not possess and much less so on my nails! But this seemed simple enough, so I thought I would give it a try.

It came out OK, but I just wasn't feeling it on my nails. After taking the polish off and trying about 3 times, I just decided to finish it up and move along. Apparently not only do I not have any artistic ability, I also lack patience. Well I actually already knew that. So with little patience to sit here and get it right, I just decided to hurry up and cut my losses. It came out OK, but while I was really feeling this last night, today I am not feeling it at all! Ah to be a fickle woman. My mood changes so fast! All I am feeling is wearing a bright color and some glitter! So even though I was just working on this manicure today, it is already off my nails while I contemplate on the next manicure. 

It's almost like staring in your closet full of clothes and not having a single thing to wear. That is how I'm feeling about my nails right now. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever finished a manicure and known it isn't what you wanted and taken it right off? Hopefully it's not just me! 


  1. It's not just you! I've done it tons of times already! : )

  2. I just did that same thing w// my first day of Spring mani. it was really cute but I was feeling more of a dusky color && I was not feeling the brightness that much that I didn't even wait to snap a quick photo.

  3. well I do nail art...and some of what I do is more other ppl's style than my own.....THOSE come off as soon as the pix are taken :P but yah, I'll try something and then end up hating it for one reason or another and my family often wonders why it took me four hours to polish my nails. lol

  4. I have been feeling that exact way lately! Maybe it's the season change? Sigh, I don't know. I will look at my box of "untried" polish (currently has about 25 in it) and nothing inspires me to wear it :/ I must note that I love your ring and your nails came out great, imo!

  5. I really like your nail art but completely understand what you're saying. Sometimes I get in a rut and don't want to wear any of my polishes. I have numerous untrieds that I loved seeing on blogs but aren't in the mood to wear them. It's not just you! Love your ring by the way!