Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do You Want To Be On Our Wall of Nail Fame?

As I am getting further and further into the decorating of the office, I am coming up with more and more ideas. We are starting our office out by working on the storage area and the receiving/boutique area. This receiving area will serve a few purposes. We can have blogger events, open houses, local salons, interviews, photography, and of course work from this one multi-purpose space. I have ordered wallpaper for one wall, we have paint samples to try out, some of the furniture has been purchased, other furniture, we know what we want and yet have to plan. But the walls need to be a showcase of sorts. One of the things I want to do is put up pictures of our polish around the office. So we will use photos like these:

We also want to put up some pictures that the lovely Marta from Chit Chat Nails has taken for us. Her photos by far are my favorites! Between her skills at doing her nails, her creativity and that of her husbands and his photography - I'm in love. Yeah I'm a total fan girl of Chit Chat Nails! But look at just some of the photos they have taken!

That last one inspired me! I want pics of my kids playing with bubblegum now! There are also a few other bloggers I want to reach out and ask if we can use the close up hand pictures they have taken. I plan on adding each blog/web address to the bottom of each photo so when people come in they see who the photos are from. I think that adds a nice touch.  Anyway, since I put so many things out there all the time, and the searching and emailing seems endless, I thought I would throw it out to all of you! Do you love taking pictures? Do you have a blog? Do you think your photos are good enough to be blown up on our wall? Are you a nail addict and professional photographer? If so email me your pictures, no watermarked photos will be accepted as we will be adding your blog/website/photography studio information to the bottom of the photos ourselves. I like a uniformed look. A little obsessive that way. But please include the information you want us to include for the watermarking in the body of the email so we get it right! And of course I'll do a blog post where I put up the final pic selections with links to your blog and all that fun stuff. And even better if we just love your photos, you can become one of our bloggers that we send product to for reviews in the future! 

We are looking for fun pictures like Chit Chat Nails photos above and traditional swatch photos like you typically see on a nail blog! Who will make our Wall of Nail Fame?


  1. So... what if I have a blog (ok, Tumblr), I take good pics of my manis (semi-pro) but I don't currently own any Cult Nails polishes, can I still participate? D:

  2. How long do we have to submit photos?

  3. Gah, I need to buy some Cult Nails polishes... curse my studently poorness!

  4. Okay... I think I have composed myself enough, my head has deflated just enough to think rationally.
    Maria, Cult Nails is a company with a heart - THAT IS CERTAIN.
    Your new office will definitely reflect that and I am sure many people will step forward with creative images to adorn the Cult Nails walls. Each one of your shades carries a story, can be matched to anyone's personal style and therefore each shade IS the inspiration for the photos.
    Thank you for taking a leap of faith in me eons ago when I was just a beginning blogger, and thank you for your continuing kind words.
    I'm a Cultie for life! ;)